My daughter failed the 8th grade math portion of the CRCT

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My daughter failed the 8th grade math portion of the CRCT

Postby Quakeproof » Mon May 22, 2006 11:02 am

My daughter failed the 8th grade math portion of the CRCT. We live in Georgia and if a student fails either the math or reading part of the CRCT in the 8th grade, they are retained. She passed the reading but made a 281 on the math (300 is passing).

She has to retake it at the end of June in order to be promoted. Summer school is strongly encouraged by the school, but I feel like her tutoring would be more productive at home. I am a school teacher.

Her CRCT score does not tell what areas that she is low in. I guess they won't have that back until next year.

My daughter has always struggled in math, but this year, she has gone through teacher after teacher. Her first teacher left about a month after school started for bed rest and maternity leave. Then she had a more lenient teacher. The she had a very hard teacher, then back to the lenient teacher, then back to the hard teacher, then her orginal teacher came back. The inconsistency did not help at all.

What can I do to get her caught up in a short period of time.

Thanks for any advice...

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Re: My daughter failed the 8th grade math portion of the CRC

Postby Theodore » Mon May 22, 2006 11:53 am

You can, however, download CRCT practice tests from a variety of sources, for instance:

I suggest having your daughter do the math section in one of these, then you can grade it yourself, identify the areas she's weakest in, and help her learn how do those sorts of problems. You may want to look into buying an Algebra 1 textbook and perhaps Algebra 1/2 (depending on her current skill level) so you can make sure not to miss anything.

Janet Tatman
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Summer Math Help

Postby Janet Tatman » Mon May 22, 2006 11:55 am


I agree with you, tutoring her yourself would be much better than letting her get passed around with different teachers in summer school.

Since you don't know what area in her Math she is not doing well on, perhaps you might use a yearly curriculum format and do three or four lessons at a time. I would review each lesson, and test her yourself to see if she understands the concepts. If so, just move on or have her do a few problems for review. So much of pre-alegbra and pre-geometry builds on itself, that I would cover all the information she should have a working knowledge of at this time. Maybe use Alpha Omega's LifePac for Math in grade 8. You can buy it separately from the rest of the curriculum. Since you are a teacher, you should be able to use this fairly easily.

With my four children, math was always best as a morning subject when their minds were fresh. Hopefully, this will help.
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Some advice and a book

Postby Moti » Mon May 22, 2006 3:41 pm

I agree with Theodore. You should first figure out where she is weak, and why. The why may not be as trivial since it requires a teacher that can sit with her and diagnose the way she approaches math and where she gets "stuck".

The question is also what your objective is: is it first to solve the current problem (i.e. passing the test) or is it to get her to be good at math? I believe you want both but to achieve the latter requires a more thorough program and approach than the former.

For the fractions portions of the test, you can go to my website and use the book. I gurantee it will solve that part :)

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