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Abeka Math, math manipulatives, Abeka science & health

Postby nmk » Thu Oct 02, 2008 6:49 am

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Abeka Home School Science & Health 4 Curriculum SET

$50/includes shipping.

All books in very good to excellent condition

Curriculum/Lesson plans for both Understanding God's World and
Developing Good Health
Understanding God's World (student book)
Answer key to questions in the student book
Answer key to the Activity Book
(Sorry, I don't have the activity book. It's about $5 to buy
new, but I would look at the answer key first and judge if you
can get by without it).

Developing Good Health (student book)
Answer Key to questions in student book
Developing Good Health Tests & Worksheets
Answer Key to the texts and worksheets
(I think Abeka now uses a teacher edition instead of these three
separate books)


Green Thumbs: Radishes 38
For grades 4-12
All pages are clean (no writing), but some are loose in the book
(they're perforated and meant to come out easily, which they did!)
$8 includes shipping (OR $14 for both radishes & corn/beans)

Green Thumbs: Corn and Beans 39
For grades 4-12
All pages are clean (no writing), but some are loose in the book
$8 includes shipping (OR $14 for both radishes & corn/beans)


Base Ten Blocks (LR, Learning Resources)
ISBN: 1569119546
Great condition except for a name written on the front cover
Grades 1-6
$5/includes shipping

SuperSource for Color Tiles (Cuisenaire)
ISBN: 1574520016
All pages clean; edges are a bit worn/dirty
Grades 3-4
$10/includes shipping

Geometry BrainTeasers with 3-D Shapes (Ideal)
ISBN: 1564512827
This is mostly in great shape, but a few pages have a mark or spot on them. NO 3-D SHAPES (have no idea where they went)
Grades 1-3
$8/includes shipping

Math Sense Building Blocks Program (Common Sense Press)
uses manipulatives that are like cuisinaire rods
ISBN: 1880892707
Pages are mostly clean, but some have a small mark or stain; edges are worn.
$10/includes shipping

Intermediate GeoBoard Activity Book (LR)
ISBN: 1569119570
Like new condition
Grades 4-6
$6/includes shipping

Primary Geoboard Activity Book (LR)
ISBN: 1569119554
Good condition, but edges are a little worn
Grades K-3
$4/includes shipping

Teddy Bear at the Fair (WorldClass Learning Materials)
uses teddy bear (or any) COUNTERS (there are some paper ones in the book that you color and cut out, but I just used plastic animals)
ISBN: 0791606201
Book is in great shape
$8/includes shipping
Grades K-3

MathLink Cubes Primary Activity Book (LR)
A usable copy; some pages have dates on them; 3-5 pages are torn out along their perforations
$5/includes shipping
Grades K-2

Problem Solving with Pentominoes Activity Book (LR)
Very good to excellent condition
ISBN: 1569119996
Grades 1-4
$10/includes shipping

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Geoboard books

Postby micrae1 » Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:31 pm

I am interested in purchasing the geoboard books, both primary and intermediate. I am wondering, however, if you happen to have a geoboard too? If so, how much are you selling it for? If not, where can I find an inexpensive one? How much do new ones cost? Let me know how you would like to handle payment. Thanks!

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