Online Pre/Algebra Classes and Tutoring

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Online Pre/Algebra Classes and Tutoring

Postby bethturner » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:58 pm

Tutoring teenage students is a passion of mine. Teenagers have such a wonderful outlook on life and when properly interacted with they can love to learn. They are so full of life, but for a parent it can sometimes be difficult to break through all the "noise" that surrounds their teen. Sometimes a carefully choosen outside influence can jumpstart an eagerness to learn and a drive to excel.

One on one time with someone who is patient, kind, and compassionate can make all the difference for the struggling student.

Let me come along side your teen, I will be patient with them. Answering their questions, giving them a kick in the pants when needed, and encouraging them to challenge themselves. I am not their Mom or Dad, so it is much easier for them to hear tough words of reality from me.

I work hard to find what interests your teen and then to help them see how all this "math" will help them achieve their goals.

You can find me at or you can email me at
Math tutoring and classes for your teen
Taught by a patient, homeschooling mom/teacher

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