Religious studies teacher from England

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Religious studies teacher from England

Postby juliametcalfe » Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:06 am

Hi there
I know that you don't teach religion in schools as part of your curriculum. In England we do because we feel it is important for youngsters to know of other religious traditions aswell as their own.
If you would like some help or advice concerning religious education of children I can assist you as I have a first class religious studies degree besides 13 years of teaching experience in the subject behind me.
It must be remembered that I would teach the subject as an academic subject. Religious instruction is strictly something for parents to work with their children. So, if , for example you are Roman Catholic you would raise your children as such but I would demonstrate to them how Roman catholicism fits into Christianity and how Christianity fits into the world picture of religions.
Julia Metcalfe

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