PACE Workbooks, how long should they take?

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PACE Workbooks, how long should they take?

Postby keithgroben » Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:49 am

This is our second year homeschooling, and we purchased ACE Ministries PACE curriculum for our first grader. We have the teachers manuals and on the table of contents there are daily goals foreach section. However, it seems that the entire coarse would only take a few months to complete. So, after reading all the material and talking with customer service, I still don't know how long this PACE curriculum should take to complete.

Does anyone have experience with this? If so, could you please give me a little insight as to how much work should be done daily, and how long the entire grade should take to complete?

Thank You!

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Postby MOMS » Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:50 pm

I haven't used the PACE's with my kids but my oldest son did them in K & I did them in a private school 5th-7th. I don't recall their being an official "end" as to where the child/ren are "supposed to be". That's one of the advantages of the PACE's, the child/ren work at their own "pace". I do remember setting my goals for the week & we were required to schedule a VERY minimum of 2-4 pages per day (depending on the subject). Once all goals were complete for the day we could move ahead in the subject of our choice. I remember finishing English & WordBuilding months before math! Oh! Just remembered, the # on front of the paces will go up each book & up to the next hundred (I believe) when you move onto the next grade. So for instance if you started with math 1070 for 5th grade you would get to 6th grade when you get to 1100~I not 100% but I think that's how that part works. Sorry this is so long. Hope it was of some help :? Happy Schooling
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