LOTS of Abeka Highschool, some Gradeschool, and some misc.

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LOTS of Abeka Highschool, some Gradeschool, and some misc.

Postby abbiesmamma » Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:27 pm

I will just list all that I have, and you can copy and paste an email of what you want. Shipping is not included, but will be 2.60 for first book and 1.00 for each additional book. No package will be more than 10.00 to ship. edited to add email: mrsannieshaw@yahoo.com

Highschool ALL ABEKA:
---Trigonometry with tables Student Text (minor writing w/pencil and highlights) 2003 printing 10.00

---Trigonometry Solution Key 2003 printing 6.00

---A Science Project Student Text perfect condition 2001 printing 3.00

---English Literature Test/Quiz Key 2002 printing (few pen marks) 3.50

---Handbook for Grammar & Composition Wkbk B Teacher Key perfect 2002 printing 5.00

---Handbook for Grammar & Composition WKBK B Test Key perfect printed 2003 3.00

---IV Grammar and Composition Test/Quiz Teacher Key perfect 2002 printing 3.50

---IV Grammar and Composition Teacher Key perfect 8.00

---Vocabulary Spelling and Poetry IV Teacher Key perfect printed 2001

---Vocabulary Spelling and Poetry IV Quiz Key Perfect printed 2002

---Genesis First Things Test/Quiz/Review Guide perfect printed 1997 3.00

---Algebra 1 Solution Key printed 2001 cover has some dings, otherwise perfect 12.00

---Algebra 1 Test Key Printed 2001 little tear in cover 2.50

---Algebra 1 Quiz Key Printed 2001 2.50

--Algebra II Test and Quiz Key printed 2002 3.00

---Science in Action printed 2004 perfect 4.00

---World Geography Map Studies Teacher Key printed 1999 Perfect 3.00

---Jesus and His Followers Test/Quiz/Review Key printed 2002 4.00

Elementary Abeka 1st Grade:

---Letters and Sounds Phonics Seatwork Text Teachers Key 4th edition with a few minor marks 6.50

----Letters and Sounds Phonics Seatwork Text Teachers Key (bit older but still works with current curriculum, cut in cover) 6.00

---Health, Safety, and Manners Teachers Key (older but still a great resource to have. It has great lesson plans included!!!) 3.50

---Discovering God's World Teacher's Edition printed 1999 GREAT! 6.50

---Arithmetic 1 Tests and Speed Drills key printed 1996 (current) few stray marks and crease in cover 3.00

Video Manuals...All 1.00 a piece. Just need them out! :D

--Algebra 1 test quiz solution key
--Algebra video student practice exercises
--Algebra 2
--Advanced Math
--Plane Geometry Teacher Materials
--Advanced Math video student practice exercises
--English 9
--English 10
--Algebra 2 teacher materials
--World History 10
--World History 10 Teacher Materials
--Advanced Math Teacher Materials
--English 10 Teacher Materials
--Spanish 1 Teacher materials
--Spanish 2 Teacher Materials
--US History 11
--US History 11 teacher materials
--Life Management
--Life MAnagement teacher materials
--English 12
--Economics teacher materials
--American Government
--Revelation teacher materials
--Biology teacher materials
--Bible Doctrines Teacher materials
--Plane Geometry
--Plane Geometry student practice exercises
--Chemistry teacher materials
--English 11
--English 11 teacher materials
--Jesus and His Followers teacher materials
--Genesis teacher materials.

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