Best math for kindergarten?

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Best math for kindergarten?

Postby springmama » Mon Mar 31, 2008 7:18 am

I'm trying to decide on a math curriculum for my 5 year old. I haven't had the opportunity to see anything in person. Can anyone recommend some good math programs for kindy?
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Postby momo3boys » Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:26 pm

I love miquon, it is simple and the children can dp a lot on their own. You may need to suplement spme extra practice but other than that I lvoe them
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Joyce TN
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Postby Joyce TN » Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:02 am

I feel that even using the work books found in the stores or printing pages from the computer would work just fine at this time. If you really want to go with an actual curriculum there are homeschool conventions that take place each year, I would suggest you look into this. atozhomeschool has a list by state. I used A Beka.
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Postby Jazzy » Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:08 am

Hi springmama, I have been wanting to get back to this thread to give you some advice, but I just now found the time.

Without knowing your child, it would be difficult to recommend a specific program. When choosing a program, you need to consider your child's learning style. If he is a hands on learner you will want to use something that frequently uses manipulatives. If he is more of a visual learner, you may want something colorful or if he is distracted by color and drawings, you may want something more plain.

We used Abeka for my son's K year and it worked out great. But there are MANY great programs available on the market.

I've also heard good things about Miquon, Singapore, Horizons, Saxon, and Math U See.

You can find reviews of them here: ... aspx?id=93

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Postby hslingmom » Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:45 am

Personally I love RIghtstart math. I love the way her approach to teaching children math. My children also love it. We all like the fact that it is not a whole lot of writing and workbook. Instead it is manipulative's, games, and all of that. Love it!

Shari Nielsen
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Postby Shari Nielsen » Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:36 am

Playing the games and having fun is key to helping kids feel as though math is doable and not something that causes frustration. The more fun you can make it at the early ages, the more they will enjoy it as it becomes more difficult when they get older.

Try to keep a balance w/ the "workbook" style approach and the fun games and manipulatives.
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