Homeschool/Unschool Research Study

If you are homeschooling outside the US, or doing a lot of moving between military bases, share your stories, questions, and tips here!

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Homeschool/Unschool Research Study

Postby Sheralee » Sun Aug 05, 2007 2:37 pm

Hi Everyone

My name is Sheralee Thomas. I am a South African PhD student in Education in the Philippines at AIIAS (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, currently working on my dissertation on Homeschooling. I am interested in the topic of "Homeschooled Children's Perceptions of being Homeschooled" on an international level. The aim is to delve deeper into the homeschooling phenomenon internationally. A great deal of research has already been done in the US and UK so I would therefore like to explore the wider international field in my study.

For my study I need homeschooling families who are not British or American, who have homeschooled for at least a year, and who have one or more children still of elementary school age. They would need to have internet access because I will interview at least one of the elementary homeschoolers and both the parents of each family via an internet chat program of their choice. The interview would last about 20 minutes for each person. After one month, I would do the same interview once again (for validation purposes). This data collection via interview would begin towards the end of this year but can take place at the family's convenience. Appointments to suite them can be set up. Full anonymity is guaranteed.

Please, if you or someone you know would be willing to participate in this study, would you kindly contact me? Once my study is complete, I would be very happy to furnish all participants with a copy. Their contribution to the body of homeschooling knowledge would be greatly appreciated and articles published based on the research will prove to be helpful to other families homeschooling internationally.

Thank you for your consideration
Sheralee Thomas
M.Div; MAR

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