Suggestions for special needs curriculum

Are you homeschool a special needs child? Are you personally physically challenged? Here is the place to share your questions, tips, and experiences.

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Suggestions for special needs curriculum

Postby pamtidteach » Sat Jul 08, 2006 8:35 am

Hello all,

I wanted to share some of the curricula that I have found particularly useful for students with special needs. Our pivate school focuses on students with special needs. We have/or have had students with Asperger's syndrome, dyslexia, bipolar disorder, and a variety of other learning challenges...I have thrown away more products than I care to think about in the last ten years. We have, however, found some wonderful products that are very good for kiddos who just find school hard for a variety of reasons... Here are some of the things we have used that do work. Feel free to pm me with questions...

There is a company called Remedia...specializes in low level reading, high interest material, as well as basic skills find them online at

Math: I cannot say enough good things about Math-U-See. It is incremental, developmentally focused, and strives for MASTERY of math...something that often does not happen in public school.
For review of fractions and decimals...before they begin Algebra I recommend Key Curriculum Press.......

Algebra: I had difficulty in Algebra in HS. I am as Right-Brained...Random as they come. So I need steps and I need to follow them. I do not think in a linear way AT ALL...and Algerbra is very you have to give me the line, and I can follow it. When I found out I would have to teach HS, and Algebra, I freaked out. Then I found a wonderful program that breaks algebra down to the smallest steps and then builds on in... again this is Key Curriculum Press...Keys To Algebra.
I use it for Algebra I.... they have a geometry program but it cannot be used for kiddos who are college bound, does not do proofs...

Grammar....Praises for Shurley Grammar!!!!! Uses both hemisphers...teaches a "jingle" for each part of speech. Then teaches what they call the "question and answer flow" but what it really does is orally diagram the sentence so the student can identify every part of the sentence. Also teaches paragraph, and essay writing. Love it!!!!!

Reading......I am a firm believer in reading comprehension. As soon as the students can read...then we move to novels. I have found the most wonderful Biblically based literature guides...Progeny Press.... they have novels from grade 1-12. Here are some of the reasons I like this program. They use books the kids would read in public school That is important, in HS especially...there is some basic knowledge that is expected on tests that comes from the novels kids read...the other think I like is the depth of the questions...teaches them to think and use their thinking skills. The only way to teach reading comprehension is to DO IT. For my Asperger's kids they are reading material below thier grade level, but still completing the comprehension questions. I often have to show them the page it is on...or walk them through the process of thinking out an answer...and stop right before the help them get to it...I have seen great improvement in reading comprehension....

Life Skills... I am going to try the consumer math from Math-U-See this year....don't know how it will go. One of the things we have done for our life skills kiddos is get the grocery ads that usually come in the paper on Wednesday...we have the student create a menu for the week, find the prices in the paper and decide how much they need for the food. We aslo set up a program for one student that she got "paid" for school and then she had to "Pay' rent, utlities...etc...and if she happened to pay too much....wrote the check wrong...we did not give the money back, because in reality neither will the electric company.

Hope this helps.......If you have a particular area you need a program for, pm me and I will see if I have used something that might help...
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Hi all, a few more resources

Postby rafismom » Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:10 pm

I am still trying to figure out what level my son is at after bringing him home. I have found a couple of online resources that are quite helpful. One is

which has, among others, the 1000 most common (fry's list) sight words in a neat flash card format....

The other is which has booklists at levels through 8th grade, and comprehension questions for a huge number of books.

With my older kids I used Miquon Math followed by Key to fractions, decimals, percents, and Key Geometry and Algebra. They then went into middle school quite well.


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