Lukes List, books only $2,$4,$6,homeschool magazines

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Lukes List, books only $2,$4,$6,homeschool magazines

Postby Seeker » Wed Jan 10, 2007 11:07 pm

Luke's Life List and Luke's School List by Joyce Herzog
IEP planners NEW I will take 25 for the Life List and 35 for the School list OR I will take $55 for both

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Rand McNAlly Student's World Atlas
pb excellent

A Pilgrim who made Progress; The life story of John Bunyan, Author of The Pilgrim's Progress by William Deal
PB good

Smith Wigglesworth, The secret of his power by Albert Hibbert
PB fair

The Adventurers: Ordinary People with Special Callings by Diane Forrest
PB good
features ST Francis, Mary Slessor, Eric Liddel, Elizabeth Fry, Father Damien, Harriet Tubman, William Wilberforce, Bob Mcclure and Mother Teresa

A Pictoral History of Civil War era Musical Instruments and Military Bands by Robert Garafalo and Mark Elrod
PB excellent

Hands on Science from The Smithsonian Institution: Things that Grow
step by step science activity projects from the Smithsonian Institution
HB ex lib

175 Science experiments to Amuse and Amaze your friends BY Brenda Walpole
PB excellent

Ranger Rick's Nature Scope Astronomy Adventures
includes crafts and reproducibles
Pb excellent

Draw Insects by Doug Dubosque
pb excellent

Bible Activities for Little People: God's Care BY Cathy Allan Falk
PB reproducible pages

Kingdom Education by Glen Schultz
PB great condition

Whirled Views tracking today's culture storms by MArvin Olasky and Joel Belz
PB excellent

Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand
pb good

Reclaiming Childhood by William Crain
letting children be children in our achievment oriented society
Hb ex-lib

Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk by David Elkind
(author of The Hurried Child)

Old Fashioned Family Fun
comb binding

The Big Book of Home Learning vol 1 Getting Started by Mary Pride
1990 pb

The Homeschool Journey by Susan and Michael Card
Windows into the heart of a learning Family
PB excellent

The Whole Parenting Guide by Alan Reder,Phil Catalfo and Stephanie Renfrow Hamilton
ISBN 0-7679-0133-9
PB 430 pages, ex-library, excellent condition.
Strategies, Resources, and inspiring stories for holistic parenting and family living

The Parent's guide to Alternatives in Education by Ronald E. Koetzsch, Ph.D
ISBN 1-57062-067-9
PB 244 pages ex library, some shelf wear or corners, otherwise great condition

When the Bough Breaks ; The cost of Neglecting Our Children By Sylvia Ann Hewlett
ISBN 0-465-09165-2
HB 345 pages excellent condition

Toyworks Simple Toys to make and enjoy for ages 3-7 by Harriet Hodgson
PB Monday Morning Books excellent ex LIbrary

Emilie's Creative Home Organizer by Emilie Barnes
PB great condition

Won By Love by Norma McCorvey with Gary Thomas
ISBN 0-7852-7237-2
HB 241 pages excellent condition
Jane Roe of Roe vs Wade Speaks out for the Unborn
as she shares her new conviction for life

Sancity of Life ; The Inescapable Issue AUDIO by Charles R Swindoll
Insights for Living Audiocassette Series
ISBN 1-57972-146-X
2 audio tapes, excellent condition

Seduced by Death;Doctors, Patients, and the Dutch Cure by Herbert Hendin MD
HB ex library good

Hosanna! Music Songbook 7
Songbook 8
praise and worship songbooks. Spiral bound, good condition, over 150 songs with music!

The Do It Yourself Project Book by Anna Burgess

Ideals Easter

Chicken Run Video, ex library

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Janice VanCleave's Animals
Mind Boggl;ing experiments you can turn into science fair projects
pb new

Creative, Hands-On Science Experiments Using Free and Inexpensive Matierials
by Jerry DeBruin
a Good Apple Science Idea book for grades K-6
pb 247 pages

The Incredible Human Body by Esther Weiner
Great Activities that teach about the major Body Systems
grades 3-6 pb reproducible

The Biology Coloring Book By Robert D Griffin
PB Excellent 232 pages

Bible Times Crafts for Kids by Neva Hickerson
experience ancient lifestyles and customs pk-6 grade
pb ex-lib

What your 5th grader needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch
ex-lib excellent

Unit Study Journal, Record Keeping for all Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett
ISBN 1-888306-02-5
PB 88 pages
excellent condition

Awesome Real-Life Bible Devotions for Kids edited by Jeannie Harmon
ISBN 1-55513-737-7 PB 168 pages.
child's name on title page otherwise like new
Really cool devotional book for kids ages 8-12. Boys will like the
comic book format.

contact me at
These Books are only $6 PLUS SHIPPING!!!

Creative Kids Science Fair Projects by Teacher Created Matierials
helping your child create a super science fair project ages 8-12
pb ex lib

Science Made Simple; Units from the Intermediate Mailbox magazine
grades 4-6
ISBN 1-56234-106-5
PB 176 pages new
topics include earthquakes, Forests, weather, nutrition, magnetism
& electricity, chemistry, acid rain, heat energy, rocks &minerals, whales cost $17.95 new

Journey to the Cross by Helena Haidle
the complete Easter Story for Children
beautiful book, HB 240 pages

The Children's Bible in 365 Stories
HB 416 pages like new

Parent's Complete Special Education Guide Tips, Techniques, and matierials for helping your child succeed in school and life by Roger Perangelo PHD and Robert Jacoby
PB ex-library excellent condition

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Homeschool and other magazine back issues are $2.00 each OR pick 10 for $15

The Old Schoolhouse:

Spring 2005
Fall 2005

Winter 2006

Home Education Magazine:
Jan-Feb 2004
Jan-Feb 2006

Practical Homeschooling:
Issue #32
#65 #66 #67 #68 #69 #69#70 #71 #72

July/Aug 2005

The Home School Court Report:
May/June 2005
Sept/oct 2005
Nov/DEc 2005
Jan/Feb 2006
March/april 2006
May June 2006
July/aug 2006
Nov/Dec 2006

The Link:Vol 8 Issue 4

Family Fun
Sept 2006
Nov 2006

Time God Vs Science Nov 13 2006

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