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The other stuff...

Postby Randigale » Tue Dec 19, 2006 9:24 am

I'm considering using Robinson Curriculum (and even signing on for some of his 'way of life') but there are required classes in NY that RC doesn't account for. I need your help with a few things-

First, any ideas for geography and/or visual art?

My thoughts on geography were to have the kids mark a map with a pin when they've read about a place, when we visit a place, or when my husband travels somewhere on business. I also might get books about the states and some about various countries. There must be a series like that, right?? Would that be enough? Should it be more controlled? Meaning, should I make sure we cover specific states/cities/landmarks or just discover whatever we discover?

For visual art, I was just going to have them do an art project on Friday that reflects that weeks reading. They can do it on whatever they choose and it can be clay (which I'd take a picture of instead of keeping for the most part) or a drawing- accurate or Picassoesque... whatever. My questions- Should I buy a book and actually teach them to draw? If they wanted to do a skit, does that count as visual art?

Next, I need to know about Latin and the Recorder. What is the best curriculum for those? Keep in mind that I am useless in both and will be learning with them.


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Re: The other stuff...

Postby Ramona » Tue Dec 19, 2006 11:29 pm

Randigale wrote:any ideas for geography and/or visual art?

Definitely find on the globe and also smaller maps of all different sizes and types any place you ever run across any time in life for any reason.

Learn geography vocabulary, and things like lakes, mountains, oceans, rivers, continents, time zones, political vs. physical maps, etc.

Have the kids draw what they study in science a la Charlotte Mason.


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Postby Theodore » Tue Dec 19, 2006 11:43 pm

The older Carmen Sandiego computer games are good for teaching geography and facts about different places, so is the Odyssey Atlasphere. I also highly recommend the Traveloguer Collection (video, don't know if they're on DVD) if you're more interested in getting an in-depth look into specific countries.

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Postby FLMom » Wed Dec 20, 2006 7:03 am

Here is my small contribution:

It's an interactive game on the location of the different US states.

I would also add map reading and the different types of maps. You could study the different types of bodies of water, locations of oceans/seas/lakes. Weather and climate, latitude/longitude, coordinate system, distance, and elevation.

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