FS: A Beka / Sonlight / Saxon / Apologia - high school level

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FS: A Beka / Sonlight / Saxon / Apologia - high school level

Postby HomeschoolCNY » Sat Oct 21, 2006 8:19 am

Email me at HomeschoolCNY@aol.com if you are interested in any of the following textbooks. They were all used by me for my junior and senior years of homeschooling in the past two years.

A Beka Economics - recommended for grades 11/12 - textbook, teacher guide, test booklets, test key, quiz booklet, and quiz key. $80.00

A Beka Workbook VI for Handbook of Grammar and Composition - recommended for grade 12 - teacher key, test/quiz booklet, and test/quiz key. $18.00

A Beka Vocabulary VI - recommended for grade 12 - teacher key, quiz/test booklet, and quiz/test key. $18.00

A Beka English Literature - recommended for grade 12 - textbook and teacher guide. $38.00

A Beka MacBeth and Pilgrim's Progress - coincides with the English Literature course and each book contains its own questions. $12.00

A Beka English 12 Parent Guide / Student Daily Lessons book - pieces together the Handbook of Grammar and Composition, Vocabulary, and English Literature into a single daily lesson. Missing the covers due to the way it was bound but otherwise it's all there. $10.00

A Beka Jesus and His Followers - recommended for grades 11/12 - textbook, teacher guide, video manual, and test/quiz/review booklet. $50.00

A Beka Consumer Math - recommended for high school or advanced middle school - test/quiz booklet. $3.99

A Beka Vocabulary / Spelling / Poetry V - recommended for grade 11 - teacher key, quiz key, and vocabulary/spelling quizzes. $18.00

A Beka Speech for Today - recommended for grades 11/12 - textbook, teacher guide, and video manual. $20.00

A Beka Sex, Love and Romance - recommended for use with either A Beka Health or Bible courses. $5.00

Sonlight What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? - used with Sonlight's Bible course, but is also a good read separately and brings about some thought-provoking questions. $9.00

Saxon Advanced Mathematics - recommended for grade 12 - textbook, homeschool packet (test and problem set answers), test forms. I also have the multimedia CD that accompanies the course, around here somewhere. If I can locate it, I would be willing to add that for an additional cost. $140.00

Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry - recommended for grades 11/12 - textbook, multimedia CD, solutions and tests booklet, schedule, and chemistry supplies kit. $150.00
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