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18 years old, attending online high school.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:52 pm    Post subject: 18 years old, attending online high school. Reply with quote

I'm Justin Rasmussen and I attend CompuHigh online high school. Previously I had attended public schools my whole life. Kindergarten through eight grade, I attended a "choice" public school. This school focused on a much more relaxed curriculum and much more freedom to advance. This school also allowed students to have much more choice and selection. I switched to CompuHigh because during my senior year, I quickly grew to simply dislike the way I was being taught. This doesn’t go for just one or two classes, it goes beyond that. I wasn’t getting the one on one attention that I needed, because I learn different. I also didn’t feel comfortable in this form of learning; I didn’t feel I had any choice in anything. It was “go to class, sit in class, get the homework done, and turn it in, repeat.” I don’t believe my need for one on one attention was because of my previous schooling, I believe it was needed because not everyone learns the same. The standard way of teaching in public schools did not get through to me in any positive way. The teachers, for the most part, did not care or have patience. I had subjects I was accelerated in from my previous school, which were basically thrown down the drain. After eight grade I had been at the level of Algebra 2, but was placed in Integrated 1 without any say. After this I was stuck in the Integrated program, and it went downhill from there. The only class I really enjoyed was tenth grade history, and this was because of the teacher. In this class I could express myself, step outside the box, and had many more freedoms. The environment in school just didn’t make me want to learn otherwise. After switching to CompuHigh, which is an online submission based school, I have learned so much more. I have learned more this year than I have the past three years in public high school. Through CompuHigh I have been self-forced to get assignments done. I have so much more desire to learn, and figure things out. The teachers are nice, and want to help you learn, not just get through the year so the next teacher can deal with you. I don’t know exactly what it is that makes this school so much better for me, probably the control I have over it. What I do know, is that without CompuHigh, I would have never finished school.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.



For purposes of answering questions I think are coming, here are a few facts I missed.

I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin which has a high score nationally for education.
I live in a medium to high level income neighborhood, with a mid level income.
I am Caucasian, and one of my parents has a college education.
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