FS: 21 Magic School Bus Books, and more...

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FS: 21 Magic School Bus Books, and more...

Postby Jnelson » Fri Dec 09, 2005 10:08 pm

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FS: 21 Magic School Bus books.

I have the following Magic School Bus books for sale. All are previously owned in excellent condition unless otherwise started.

BUY 5 or more books and get FREE SHIPPING!

Paper backs: $2.75 each or Buy 5 or more for $2.25 each.
1. Magic School Bus Gets Cold Feet ~ A Book about Warm and Cold Blooded Animals
2. Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow ~ A Book about Color
3. Magic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake ~ A Book about Kitchen Chemistry
4. Magic School Bus Gets Programmed ~ A Book about Computers
5. Magic School Bus Plants Seeds ~ A Book about How Things Grow
6. Magic School Bus Blows its Top ~ A Book about Volcanoes
7. Magic School Bus In the Arctic ~ A Book about Heat
8. Magic School Bus Gets Eaten ~ A Book about Food Chains
9. Magic School Bus Ups and Downs ~ A Book about Floating and Sinking
10. Magic School Bus Gets Ants in Its Pants ~ A Book about Ants
11. Magic School Bus Wet All Over ~ A Book about Water Cycle
12. Magic School Bus Going Batty ~ A Book about Bats
13. Magic School Bus In the Haunted Museum ~ A Book about Sound (some minor wear on cover)
14. Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane
15. Magic School Bus In the Time Of Dinosaurs
16. Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System
17. Magic School Bus On the Ocean Floor (some minor wear on cover)

Hard Covers: $4.00 each plus postage or $3 each if you buy 5 or more books (these list for $14.95 each)
1. Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane
2. Magic School Bus On the Ocean Floor

Chapter Books: $3 each or $2.50 each if you buy 5 or more books (these list for $4.99 each)
1. The Search for the Missing Bones
2. The Great Shark Escape (minor bend on front cover)

Magic Tree House Books ~ $2 each or $1.66 each if you buy 6 or more.

#1 Dinosaurs Before Dark
#3 Mummies in the Morning
#4 Pirates Past Noon
#5 Night of the Ninjas
#6 Afternoon on the Amazon (slight bend on cover)
#9 Dolphins at Daybreak
#10 Ghost Town at Sundown
#11 Lions at Lunchtime
#12 Polar Bears past Bedtime
#15 Viking Ships at Sunrise
#17 Tonight on the Titanic
#18 Buffalo Before Breakfast
#19 Tigers at Twilight
#26 Good Morning, Gorillas

FS: 2 Holling C Holling: Minn of Mississippi and Seabird

Paper backs in very good condition.

I am asking $8.00 ppd per book or both for $14 ppd

Minn of the Mississippi:
Description: The history of the Mississippi River Valley is creatively told using text and pictures through the life of a snapping turtle named Minn. Hatched at the source of the great Mississippi, Minn has many adventures as she makes her way down the river, through the heart of America, to the Gulf of Mexico. History and life along the river springs vividly to life as Minn meets many different people and creatures that live along the mighty river. Recommended for ages 8 to 12. A 1952 Newbery Honor book.

Description: Ezra Brown, a fourteen-year-old ship's boy, was standing watch in the crow's nest during a snowstorm when he first saw the white seabird. Suddenly she flew straight upward, and Ezra quickly realized that his whaling ship was heading straight for an iceberg! The ship was saved, and later, from two Walrus tusks he'd traded with an Eskimo for, Ezra carved Seabird. He set her on a limber piece of baleen so the bird could hover in the air around him as he completed his chores on the ship. Seabird became the mascot for four generations of seafarers: aboard a whaler, a clipper ship, a steamship, and finally an airplane. The story takes a unique look at America's seafaring history through the eyes of a carved bird and her special owners. It is full of beautiful, full-page paintings as well as fascinating and informative black-and-white drawings that ring the text. Recommended for ages 8 to 12. A 1949 Newbery Honor book.
NOTE: Name written inside cover.

FS: 4 Miller Family Series Books NEW

I have a BRAND NEW set of books by Mildred A Martin published by Green Pasture Press. They are all soft covers and are beautiful old fashion books from the Miller Family Series.
I am asking $20 ppd for all 4 books.
Book 1: Prudence With the Millers:
Join the Miller children as they learn about health, safety, and courtesy...from the Bible. Each chapter includes a Scripture passage and a true-to-life story, illustrating various aspects of prudent living.  
Book 2: Storytime With The Millers:
These are character-building stories particularly for pre-school children. These stories teach values (such as respect, responsibility, obedience, kindness, and humility) in a refreshingly direct and enjoyable way.
Book 3: School Days With the Millers:
Children will love these chapters of character-building stories - regardless of whether they attend a home school or church school. Issues dealt with include peer pressure, keeping agreements, the death of a classmate, and more. Another "keeper" in the Miller Family series....
Book 4: Wisdom With The Millers:
Make Proverbs come alive for the children in your home, church, or school. Here is a character-building collection of stories by an Amish Mennonite author. Each chapter explains and illustrates a passage from the book of Proverbs with a story.

FS: 3 Ruth Heller books. Living books about Adverbs, Nouns, & Prepositions

I am asking $13 ppd for these 3 wonderful paper backs books. All are in vey good condition unless otherwise stated.

Book 1: Many Luscious Lollipops ~ A Book About Adjectives
To further a child's grasp of the meaning and function of adjectives, this gorgeous picture book provides enrichment and depth of understanding. As in her other pictorial explorations of parts of speech, Kites Sail High (verbs) and A Cache of Jewels (collective nouns), Heller uses a rhymed text in juxtaposition with bold, brilliant, double-page spreads. These books are a visual and auditory feast, designed to make language discovery appealing and rewarding. Young readers will certainly enjoy--and benefit from--Heller's elegant elucidations, and perhaps all should heed her parting advice: "Whenever you find yourself in doubt / be cautious and be wary. / It's often very helpful / to consult your dictionary." Ages 6-8.

Book 2: Up, Up and Away ~ A Book About Adverbs
"Lively...The playfully rhymed text flows effortlessly as it discusses superlatives, irregular adverbs, and double negatives....Informative and fun."-- School Library Journal "Using expansive color drawings and catchy rhymes, Heller writes about words frequently and vividly and with an unmistakable flourish....A clever introduction."-- Booklist "This eye-catching book explains its perplexing subject well and clearly, and more memorably than could any grammar textbook." -- The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books ...
NOTE: This book has a very little tear or divot along the top of some of the beginning pages. Otherwise the book is beautiful!

Book 3: Behind the Mask ~ Book About Prepositions
Clever rhyming text and bold illustrations explores the world of prepositions. Provides examples and rules of usage in a fun manner. For ages 5 and up. 48 pages. Through the text, Behind the Mask , students have the opportunity to play with language of prepositions while enjoying the vivid pictures of Ruth Heller. Definitely not your typical grammar lesson! Taking those experiences as a reader, Students are asked to continue to play with the prepositions in a poetry format.
NOTE: Name neatly written inside cover.

FS: BABYBUG Magazine/books 15 Issues

All of these issues are in very good condition unless otherwise stated. Covers are not torn & they have no writing in them. Wouldn’t baby just love these?

15 issues of BABYBUG for $33 ppd.

These retail for $5 a piece on the newsstand.

1. Volume 2 Number 9
2. Volume 3 Number 3 (slight bend on back cover)
3. Volume 3 Number 6
4. Volume 3 Number 8
5. Volume 4 Number 2
6. Volume 4 Number 3
7. Volume 4 Number 5
8. Volume 4 Number 6 (slight bend on back cover)
9. Volume 4 Number 9
10. January 1999
11. February 1999
12. May/June 1999
13. September 1999
14. December 2001
15. December 2004

BABYBUG, the listening and looking magazine for infants and toddlers, is just right for small hands. It's filled with simple stories and rhymes and bright, engaging pictures that babies and parents will delight in sharing again and again.

BABYBUG has sturdy cardboard pages, rounded corners, are wipe-able, and have no staples. For ages 6 months to 2 years.
I accept all types of PAYPAL (credit cards too) and will ship within 3 business days of receipt of payment. See shipping rate chart below to calculate shipping costs (not included in book prices)

Shipping Rates via Media Mail: (includes Delivery Confirmation)
1 to 5 books = $1.97
6 to 12 books = $2.39
13 to 14 books = $2.81

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