sleep, baby, sleep!!!

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sleep, baby, sleep!!!

Postby Sandy » Sat Jun 23, 2007 9:16 pm

Do all 3 year olds do this? My dd has never been a good napper, and she's always been resistant to bedtime. But lately it's gotten worse. I also have an 11 month old, so I decided to reinstate afternoon naps (or at least quiet time) for my oldest (I let it go about a year ago because she wouldn't fall asleep anyway). She can be completely wiped out, but will refuse to lay down. And bedtime is difficult...she gets up several times, for water, or potty, or nothing. We're trying a sticker chart, which she's excited about, but it isn't seeming to motivate her. I think the thing that works the best is just picking her up, dropping her in bed, and talking, no cuddling, nothing. But then she sobs, "Mommy!" as I walk out the door. Please tell me this is a phase!!! I'm stressing myself out trying to force her to sleep (a hopeless situation, I know). But will she ever be willing and happy to rest? Please?!? :shock:

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Postby Lily » Sun Jun 24, 2007 6:04 am

The easiest way to get a child to rest is to keep them awake. :lol:

We used books on tape/radio programs at that age. They didn't have to sleep, but they did have to lay and listen to one full side. If they wanted to get up afterward, they were welcome to. The half hour to forty five minutes was a great break for all of us, and it got them more interested in literature like The Wizard of Oz, The Magic Treehouse, etc., while the radio programs proved to be just as interesting as tv (Adventures in Odessey).
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Postby frogguruami » Sun Jun 24, 2007 9:27 am

DS2 stopped napping at 14 months old. He is 6 and still resistant to sleep. He takes Metetonin now to help but the rule here is bed time is at 9:00, you do not have to sleep but you have to be in bed and quiet.
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Postby StellarStory » Mon Jun 25, 2007 7:20 pm

Every child is different. I tried letting my first child set our schedule by feeding her when she was hungry, letting her sleep when she did and so on. It was a disaster. I was pulling my hair out before she was three months old. She had an audio tape of lullaby's to listen to each night, a snuggly toy and board books in her crib.

We researched and tried the Feber method with her. The first night she slept 12 hours. That had never happened. I was afraid she'd died! However she began to sleep well every night!

My second child the Feber method didn't work with at all. He only slept when his skin was touching mine. I learned to sit down and sleep at the same time. If I tried to put him in his crib, he woke up and cried and would NOT go back to sleep. That lasted two years!

With both kids I put toys in the crib and when they were old enough a sippy cup of water and a snack for when the woke. The idea was that they could wake up, play and be self content. That worked pretty well.

As they got older and could get out of their beds, they found a cooler with their sippy cups of milk and Tupperware with cereal each morning. They were allowed to watch an educational show to give me another few minutes of sleep.

This worked really beautifully.

As soon as they were old enough they were encouraged to learn how to find and / or make snacks for themselves. Being able to self entertain is very important too IMO.

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Re: sleep, baby, sleep!!!

Postby Ramona » Thu Jun 28, 2007 3:20 pm

When my kids are completely wiped out they start running on pure adrenaline and then they can't calm down, rest, or sleep. I need to be sure to go through our regular bedtime routine before they get to that wiped-out stage.

We have always used a 30-minute routine at night. If I want them to be in their beds with lights off and doors closed from 8:00 on, then at 7:30 we all cease all other activities. I tell everyone that it's time to put the toys away and we all work together to straighten up the whole house. Once everything is tidy, I tell them it's time to put on pajamas. When all are dressed for bed I have them brush their teeth. Then we have stories followed by prayers and tucking in. A parent gives each child a hug and kiss while the child is lying in bed, then turns the light off and shuts the door.

When the oldest ones were tiny babies it was more like put on pajamas, give one last feeding while rocking and singing lullabies in a dimly-lit room, and then lay the child in bed for tucking in.

I have generally found that it's worth it to me to sacrifice that half hour of my time every night so that it only lasts 30 minutes. If I have to go out, I leave detailed instructions for the sitter to follow the same routine.

At naptime I find there is much greater cooperation from children under about 6 if I tell them they have 5 minutes to play and then it will be time to lie down in bed with eyes and mouth closed until I say they may get up. During those 5 minutes I let them know how much time is left each minute, counting down 4-3-2-1-30 seconds.


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Postby StellarStory » Thu Jun 28, 2007 6:32 pm

It is good to have a regular bedtime routine. When the kids were young, we did that too. After the bedtime routine they were allowed to play quietly or if they were old enough, read until they fell asleep.

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