Need Curriculum Suggestion: Science & History Multiple G

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Need Curriculum Suggestion: Science & History Multiple G

Postby momofmy3kids » Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:45 pm

Hi. I'm getting ready for our school year (we are going July-July). It will be our first year ever HS (aside from the stuff I've done during the summer with them). I will have a 5 yo, 6 yo & 9 yo. The 6 & 9 yo are currently in PS in Kindergarten & 3rd grade. The 5yo has attended a 3 hour daily preschool this year, so she's ready for kindergarten academically...emotionally, I'm not so sure.

We are choosing to homeschool mainly because of the societal influences not agreeing with our personal family values. We are also concerned about our 9 yo who appears to be a couple years behind in reading, phonics & writing. I do not want to get him in the special learning system because it's hard to get him out once he's in. His learning style isn't compatible with a classroom ration of 24-1 teacher.

My Mother-in-law who was the principal of our church school (ACE curriculum, my son didn't learn there, hence the PS attendance this year) has been helping me review the curriculum for the major basics. Here's what we've decided on:

Math - Horizons.
Phonics, English, Spelling, Vocabulary - Bob Jones
Handwriting - Copy passages from Bible, favorite books, poems, recipes, etc.

Reading - I'm going to just let them read, read, read, read everything and anything.

Now, I have Science & History left. How do I teach this over multiple grades? I'd love to hear from anyone who could send me in the right direction. I'm trying to avoid science leaning toward creationism or evolution as I'm probably closer to intelligent design. I'd rather not have a curriculum, because I think Science is better learned via hands-on and reading. History, I was thinking about getting history books and reading to them. I really want to do unit studies with these two subjects...let the kids help me determine which route to go.

My 9yo is really excited, he loves Science, hates writing. I was thinking of incorporating his Science into the reading & writing. His wish list to learn about this year: astronomy, dinosaurs, fossils (LOVES FOSSILS), human body and rocks.

My 6yo wants to learn about animals, especially horses.

My 5yo...she just wants to cuddle LOL. So I could do a unit on...human touch.

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Postby Calla_Dragon » Fri Apr 06, 2007 9:02 am

I do unit studies with social studies (which includes history). I also do unit studies for science, but I use them in conjunction with i-Science curriculum from I like i-science. They have a textbook and a workbook, but they have interactive stuff for kids to do. Yesterday, we looked in our microscope at various slides and talked about what we saw which led into a discussion about cells, etc. My son is 6 years old and is working at a late 1st-early 2nd grade levels, if that helps you guage. I don't know where it stands on evolution vs. ID vs. creationism, because we haven't gotten that far yet. We're still doing the basics. It doesn't mention any diety as of yet which is what I wanted, but you may choose differently. So far they're sticking strictly with the facts - cells are basic building blocks of life, living vs. non-living things, basic needs of animals, etc. Stuff that really can't be disputed regardless of which philosophy you lean toward - the whys could easily be addressed above the foundation the books give.

I also get books on the subjects we're studying visit sites on the web to supplement what we get through our experiments and books.
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Right track!

Postby easyhomeschooling » Fri Apr 06, 2007 11:04 am

You are on the right track. Reading is sooo important. History and Science can also be learned by lots of reading and reporting (narrating, writing, etc.). Your materials can be anything from classic books to picture books from the libraries' kids' section. OR you can just do nature study and research... soo much can be learned that way. I have a new title (Curriculum) that suggests that History and Nature Study are the absolute most important subjects for morality training and gives a lot of suggested titles for historical reading in particular.
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Postby DESmom » Tue Apr 10, 2007 12:05 am

I love Story of the World for a starting point for history, we use other books with it, lots of hands on when they find a time they like and brief over veiw for times more less exciting to them. My oldest finds some odd times exciting but when she finds one we read all we can.
My girls are 9,7,5(plus some younger ones).
For Science we use Science for Real Kids as a starting point that, starting with Chem. Pre-level 1 with them at 8-9 in 3rd grade, with alot of hands on things. Unit studies and what ever they seem into at the time.
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