Appreciation to Irises

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Appreciation to Irises

Postby jerryailily » Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:32 am

Irises belong to herbaceous plant, blooming in May. The French regard irises as the national flower and as a symbol of light and freedom. The oil painting Irises is valued $53900000, which is regarded as one of the world's most expensive ten paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. After Rembrandt, Van Gogh is Holland's most worldwide influential painter. During his lifetime of 37 years, he fell on evil days and only sold one painting.

But the value of art is completely irrelevant to money. This is truly a highly beautiful work. Van Gogh seems to favor this kind of plant as he likes sunflowers. The blue purple irises of the painting are very prominent. Its flower shape is like a dancing butterfly. The painter has skillfully processed the green and luxuriant purple green leaves, which brings out the vivid and spiritual irises with the distant flowers and plants. The red soil breaks the cool color tones of the painting, making the colors form a contrast which is harmonious and full of rhythm. The tones are also very bright to reflect the painter's slogan of "brighter, brighter". The picture is full of vitality and filled with fresh breath.

The iris is a very ordinary plant, but Van Gogh gives it a wonderful image and color as well as the eternal vitality, which are the painter's praise for the nature whose life is spent in pain and helplessness and his yearning for a better life. His portray of the irises is so cute, and even some people think they are more beautiful than real flowers.

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