New Homeschooler - Algebra where to start

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New Homeschooler - Algebra where to start

Postby brandonmorris » Wed May 02, 2012 9:13 am

We just pulled our daughter out of public school...with only a few weeks left, it was just what needed to be done. With that said, we are using Switched On Schoolhouse curriculum for everything except for algebra. The curriculum was gifted to us by some friends and she in 8th grade, however, she was in 9th Grade Advanced Placement Algrebra I in school and the SOS curriculum for math would be step back. Our plan was to hook her up in which is a SUPER GOOD site, where I find ourselves though is only watching videos, there is not practice problems with what we're watching.

Perhaps I'm missing something, does someone have a suggestion for us?


Brandon Morris

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Postby hscoach » Wed May 02, 2012 10:21 am

We use Teaching Textbooks for Algebra. It comes with solutions cds, so if your teen misses a question, they will always be able to see why they missed it. Here is a link to the site:

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Postby LEE » Tue May 15, 2012 9:14 am

Another way to get practice and develop speed which brings mastery is to
use dice. Whether you use blocks, real dice or make your own is not important. What you want are dice in different colors. The sixes at first are turned into zero. Use permanent markers. You need a clock with a second hand, paper and pencil.
This is more fun when done on a game board and with a friend. The two are not contestants but partners. Each must finish before time stops The object is to play the game once. Noting the start and finish time. Now play the game again trying to beat the clock.
When one child throws the dice the other writes down the numbers and answer.
The dice are grouped in the problem by color (5+2+4) [+-xDivide chose one for this game] (0+[or whatever] 3)=[their answer].
When four play the game can be completed very quickly and all the kids are being reinforced by the others. Beating the clock takes away the fear when told "This is a timed test." All they have to do is beat the clock.

I had sixth graders do this. Most of the class started at the fourth grade level. Eight tested in May at 12+. I changed the difficulty when a game was played in 45 minutes or less by adding a die [up to 5] or a color [up to 4] or changing the symbol in one or two places. One boy who tested at grade 2.3 in September came up to grade 3. I was appalled. My principal pointed out that he came up 7 months and had never before moved more than 3.

Your child sound delightful.A

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Postby Theodore » Tue May 15, 2012 11:01 am

I read through that several times and still don't quite understand how your game works. Could you perhaps post a picture of how it works, or a link to a page with some pictures?

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