HS with a Daycare in my Home

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HS with a Daycare in my Home

Postby erinjacobjeffrey » Thu Jan 11, 2007 4:07 pm

My son is currently in Kindergarten and for many reason I am thinking about HS come 1st grade. I also have many concerns about HS but my biggest one is that I have a daycare in my home. I do preschool with these children, but they are all younger. My question to you is how do you manage doing daycare and HS, if you could give me different samples of how you schedule your days and how HS works with the socializing if you have other children in your home also. I don't want him to just be around children that are years younger then him, I want him to socialize with children his own age. I would love to talk to anyone that has a daycare in there home as well as HS.

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Re: HS with a Daycare in my Home

Postby Ramona » Thu Jan 11, 2007 7:05 pm

I HS'ed my oldest son when he was in first grade and I also had 2 preschool girls in our home at the same time. The three children got along great with each other.

I would gather them all around together in the morning and talk about what day it was and do the pledge and anthem. Then I would have the little ones play with toys in a designated area while he and I sat down nearby and did his reading and math together. After he finished his work, he would play with the toddler while I did preschool activities with the older girl. During lunch I would read aloud a story that was appropriate for his age and the little ones just liked listening. The older girl especially picked up a lot and became quite "smart" for her age. After lunch I would put the little ones down for naps and then he and I would do his science and social studies lessons together. In the afternoon they would all play outdoors together. I would usually sit outside with them and sometimes lead singing/dancing games.

It worked really well. I had thought I was going to have to set up a regular schedule of taking him to play with other boys his age, but he saw a lot of them at church every Sunday and he almost never asked other than that. When he did, I'd set up an afternoon for one of them to come join us, or a Friday night for him to go stay at another boy's house.

I took them all to the library for story hour every week and kept the littlest one with me out in the board-book section. Then we'd stop at a park with a good playground on the way home. Sometimes we ate picnic lunch there.


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