Suggestions for high schooler

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Suggestions for high schooler

Postby Jamie7 » Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:51 pm

We are bringing two teenagers home to homeschool (again after 3yrs of public school) :D I used to homeschool them using unit studies like AWOA. ANWOA. I work full time so my dh will be 'supervising' and he does NOT :!: want to do unit studies, in fact he would be happiest with S.O.S. because he isn't confident about his ability to teach them and secure resources, while running our little farm. I am a little reluctant to do the entire school curriculum on SOS. That seems like alot of time on the computer. Any others who have used SOS for high school? The girls will be in 10th and 8th (the 8th grader will need an algebra for math as she's in AP now. Another thought was to do SOS for some, like Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, and Teaching Textbooks for math, and have DH teach Bible from his choice of books (He IS confident to teach the Bible studies) Please give advise, I'm nervous.

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Postby Besthomeschoolbuys » Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:42 pm

SOS would be an appealing option to me for your situation, but you should read a lot of SOS reviews before you make a decision. I have found that people either love SOS or hate it. The insight that the reviews give should help you when you compare the needs and preferences of your family.

I have never used SOS so I can't give you advice as one who has used it.
Before SOS was available, we bought the Homequest computer curriculum that was VERY expensive in 1996. I found that it did enable the children to do a lot on their own with out my constant involvement. I needed time to work with my dyslexic son. We only used it for two years because we missed the multi-level learning togetherness like reading aloud and other activities that we had enjoyed in the past with unit studies.

You might also want to look at AOP LifePacs. They are set up to be mostly self taught.
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