Opinions before I buy?

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Opinions before I buy?

Postby Texas Rose » Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:47 am

I plan to start homeschooling my dd14 over the summer and I am a little (read more than a little) overwhelmed, it seems pretty high stakes at the high school level and I could use the advice of those who have experience with this, so:

Is Micheal Clay Thompson (first level of secondary) good for developing a strong writer to her fullest potential?

Hunger by Knut Hamsun
A work by Franz Kafka
A work by Virginia Woolf
A work by William Faulkner
Ulysses or In Search of Lost Time
A work by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Man Without Qualities by Musil or the Sleepwalkers by Hermann Broch
Poetry by Baudelaire, Mallarme, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Rilke, W.B. Yeats, etc.

I feel like it isn't near enough, but I do want her to really absorb it. Maybe some literary theory as well?

For math I am considering Singapore Math, not sure which one. If you've used either, what are your thought on it? I am not that great with higher level math and my dd isn't so hot either, so we need a lot of hand holding and a step-by-step approach, but on the other hand I don't want her to be ill prepared when she takes the SAT/takes a college class. She placed into level 1/7th grade math, is that normal? She is getting Bs and the occasional C in algebra I, could that just be grade inflation? Watered-down curriculum?

For social studies I plan to use of using Western Civilizations, Volume 1, Fourteenth Edition by Robert C. Stacey for and Psychology of Language by David W. Carroll. Have you heard of/used either of these? If, so what are your thoughts? Is there anything you would recommend for world history and/or psychology?

For science I am thinking of going with Biology by Jane B. Reece and Neil A. Campbell, is it any good? Dd is not terribly interested in science, but gets bored quickly with watered-down materials, so nothing "insulting" as she calls it.

For French I am looking into Rosetta Stone. I like the audio aspect, but will it just teach airport French? I want something that, with adequate practice, will result in dd becoming at least proficient in French. Is a tutor necessary to become proficient?

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Postby hscoach » Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:50 am

I am not familiar with some of the curriculum you mentioned, and have not used it, so I can't answer most of your questions. My children have used Rosetta Stone and enjoyed it but they are not proficient in the language so it may be true that a tutor would be needed if you want to go to that level.

I highly recommend Teaching Textbooks for math. We love it. It comes with solutions cds so you always know 'why' you missed a question. They have placement tests on their website. Here is the link.


I also recommend that you check out Lee Binz's site called The Home Scholar. It is all about homeschooling high school. She especially has a lot of useful information in her blog.


Before you make your final decisions on curriculum, you might want to go to these links and see if you can find reviews that would be helpful.




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