Just wanted to say hi

If you are homeschooling outside the US, or doing a lot of moving between military bases, share your stories, questions, and tips here!

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Just wanted to say hi

Postby americangirl7461 » Thu Nov 02, 2006 1:53 am

My husband and I are at Ft. Campbell, KY and I am considering homeschooling our two children, 6 & 8. They havent been moved laot, as of yet, but come home stressed out everyday, and are both taking meds for add/adhd and I am tired of going over the same old boring homework with them, when they are intelligent, happy, outgoing kids, in general. My husband was a college professor (math) and his mom is a kindergarten teacher (20 years), and I have a BS in anthropology, and feel that my kids are being stifled in "regular" school. Also, with the probability that we will be moving every few years, I feel that their schooling will be more consistent if they are homeschooled. Safety is also a big factor with us, especially since the Amish shooting last month. I just wanted to say HI, and would love to hear any advice that you can give to a "newbie". I am going to let them finish this year so as not to interrupt their learning, and we are moving on post in a few weeks, (5 minutes away, so no big stress), so I plan to get organized in the meanwhile and prepare for next year.

Beth :P

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Postby Aurie » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:09 am

Welcome! There are so many different ways you can go about this. There are some ladies who will recommend some good books here in a few. I didn't use those and went right into the first program I found online. So far I am very happy with it (hasn't started until the 7th so I could change my mind).

I did pull my kids out of school in the middle of the year. I was going to wait until after Christmas break. I figured it would be a good transition for them. However, the president of our homeschooling group said to me, "Do you think it will get better in the next couple of months?" So I pulled them out in the middle of October instead. I couldn't be happier! Even though our program hasn't started yet, the cheap-o workbooks I have bought from Sam's club and the stuff I have pulled off the internet has had them improving daily!

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IT's easy!

Postby jduringer » Fri Nov 10, 2006 7:55 am

Congratulations for having high expectations, that alone will develop your children well, even if they stayed in public school. If you want to customize their development at home, here's a formula:

UltimatePhonics > SRA Reading labs x 1 per day will advance your children's reading level about one grade level every three months (our 4 yr old son is at the 3rd grade level now). Saxon MAth at one per day will get about a grade level every 6 months.

Together they shouldn't take more than 3 hours a day. The rest of the time you can teach/explore whatever you want - like your value systems, whichever version of history you subscribe to, science experiments, other languages, etc.

Have you tried theanine for your children's adhd? It's the amino acid found in green tea that has very calming effects. More importantly, are your kids given intervals/time to MOVE, expend energy, develop athletic skill, etc? I'm certain that if we put our 4 year old in a subdued kindergarten class he would turn it upside down in a couple hours and they would call animal control to shoot him with tranquilizers. We LOVE the intensity of his age AND THE HONOR OF THE OPPORTUNITY TO FOCUS IT (huwah).

Best regards :wink:

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