Should I home school my teenager?

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Should I home school my teenager?

Postby Pasadena114 » Mon Jan 16, 2006 5:44 pm

I am interested in home schooling our teenage son. Is this a good idea and is their any good material that I should be using?

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Anyone of any age can be homeschooled...

Postby Theodore » Tue Jan 17, 2006 8:02 pm

Anyone of any age can be homeschooled, it's just a matter of how much time and money it will take, given your situation and level of education. In your case, your son is high school age?, so you're looking at a lot of high school and college prep material. You'll need textbooks, and some of the more difficult subjects may need to be covered through online courses or community college. You'll also want to follow up the more advanced courses with nationally standardized exams such as AP, CLEP, or DANTES. The good news is that all this preparation pays off, since your son should be able to test out of at least the first year of college, which is generally just remedial high school courses for the people who didn't learn the coursework properly the first time. He'll also be able to save time by skipping "fluff" courses and not having to transit back and forth from school, which means he can spend more time specializing in the subjects he's good at, or building up his extracurriculars.

I'm not sure how well this answers your question, but it should give you some things to think about. Let me know if you need any clarification :)

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should you homeschool your teenager?

Postby wdjd4kp » Wed Jul 04, 2007 3:35 am

If I were you, I would homeschool your teenager. I made the biggest mistake by sending mine to public school. They all three smoke, are not living for the Lord and one of them won't even talk to me anymore. They are all adults. I had some problems and thought it would be best for me to send them. But you know what, it wasn't. I now have a pretty good handle on my stuff and finally living peacefully. But it still hurts me that I did my children a disservice by turning them over to a secular world. Please don't make the same mistake that I did. Before I sent them, they were doing real well. Even with my problems. God is no longer a part of the public school system and eventually it will take even a greater toll than it's taken now. My prayer for you is that God will lead you to see that your children are the most important thing in your life after Him. They deserve our attention
and the best we can give them. I apologize if I seem to harsh about this subject, it's just that I have seen so much devestation. :cry:
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Postby StellarStory » Sun Jul 15, 2007 7:24 pm

What does your son think about home schooling?

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Postby Morgan » Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:33 pm

As long as your son is happy with being home schooled, I believe it is a great idea as long as you have access to the resources needed and know that laws of homeschooling for your state. You will need lots of college/SAT/ACT test prep textbooks and online things, which are easy to find in my experience. High school age students - in public schools - are not learning enough, in my opinion. It's OK to go through several textbooks until you find the one you and your son are most happy with.
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