Suggestions for followup/schedule for kids doing LIFEPAC's

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Suggestions for followup/schedule for kids doing LIFEPAC's

Postby pamprd9129 » Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:51 pm

This will be our 2nd year of in 11th grade; 8th grade and now 4th grade. Last year we tried a mixture, based on their learning styles, tried a mixture with SOS on computer, along w/a few textbook course (ie Apologia Science and Saxon Math) but finding the kids did not do well with the SOS ..... assignments ok but when it came to try to study via computer, tests not ok. They've all asked to do all their classes this year in Lifepac...last year they did bible, language and history in them. I think they've been so used to textbooks it works good.\

The issue is 1) how to ensure they keep on schedule w/these independent books (there are 10 books; each are to take 3 weeks;

2) how to find time to grade all daily assignments x 3 kids = about 18 lessons a day I grade? That is overwhelming to me!

3) how do you stay on track to ensure they are doing their work? (last year my middle daughter was in 7th grade and at one point was so far behind she had to do 4 assisgnments a day for a month so she finished (of course I also was working full time and it was hard for my husband to keep on track, who is a bit organizationally challenged as well w/homeschooling....we're all learning!)

Any feedback on any of this, please advise.

Anyone doing LIFEPAC? Do you do the Bible course, or do you just open the bible and do study as a family?

Thank you!

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