FS: Abeka 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and Spanish

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FS: Abeka 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and Spanish

Postby dundeebrenda » Sat Jul 15, 2006 11:24 am


I have Spelling 2 te $4.00 ppd (previous edition…can be used for student, too). Story Tree $4.00 ppd. (previous edition….excellent shape, no writing). All Kinds of Animals $3.50 ppd (previous edition, no writing, cover wear)

I have for sale the following 4th , 5th and 6th , 8th, 9th, grade plus Spanish Abeka items and one Music Appreciation class item: The price is adjusted for the condition of the book (some have cover wear). There is no writing in the books, no missing pages, we are non-smokers. All books are current unless noted. Add media rate postage (about $1.90 per book) to the sets unless you buy over $20.00 worth of items and then I will pay the postage. All student work books are clean and without writing.

Reading student books $35.00
Flags Unfurled 59544
Liberty Tree 59528
Salute to Courage 59498
Trails to Explore 59560

Reading teacher books $59.00
Flags Unfurled t/e 59552
Liberty Tree t/e 59536
Salute to Courage t/e 59501
Trails to Explore t/e 59579

Book Report Books $11.00
Song of the Brook 59587 $5.50 more if you need a 2nd copy
Saved at Sea 57517

Language $22.00
Language A T/E 61123
Language A test key 61158

Science $63.00
Science Curriculum 60976
Understanding God’s world student text 60909
Science T/E 60917
Science answer key to text 66885
Science Activity book key 60968
Tests and quizzes booklet 15083 older but is same
Tests and quizzes key 60933

Health $20.50
Developing Good Health 60984 sale pending
Developing Good Health answer key 66893
Developing good health tests, quizzes and workbook 61018 sale pending
Developing Good Health Tests , Quiz and Worksheet key 61026 sale pending

History and Geography $69.00
History of Our United States 60720
History of Our U.S. T/E 60739
History Test and quizzes 60763
History Tests and quizzes key 60771
History Answer key to text questions 65889
Geography Teaching Maps 75590
History Geography Maps and Review Key 60755
History Curriculum 60798 this is not the current number but it is the same book, it matches with every book listed above. I had no trouble using it with the current books.

5th grade

I have the Language Arts Curriculum that includes Spelling, Language, Reading and Penmanship Lessons. There is no writing..two spots of highlighting in this book. I’ll sell this for $20.00 The item number is 75604. sale pending

Language Test Key Grade 5 65056 $7.00

History & Geography Curriculum/Lesson Plans 75639 like new condition. $10.00

I have 2 Rosa and 1 Noah Webster and On His Own..brand new not used $6.00 Each. I have a 2nd copy of Noah Webster that we did use and will sell for $5.00 ….no writing, it is the previous edition, but the same exact story. I have a third copy of Noah, previous, that is cover worn and has writing on the inside cover…the book is still in good shape, however and I’ll take $3.00.

I have a previous edition of Adventures in Nature…no writing, same stories, clean like new book for $5.00. The answers to the quizzes were removed, so I copied them from the 2nd copy of the book that I have and taped them into the back of the book for you. We did not use the book. (I thought my two children would read these together and as it turns out, they are doing them one at a time).

I will have 2 copies of Swiss Family Robinson on August 25th, 2006(using during 1st week of school only). I’ll have 2 copies of Message of the Mountain by October 5th, 2006. I will have another copy of Rosa by October 4th, 2006.

I WILL HAVE 5TH GRADE HEALTH by Thanksgiving Break, but currently have item 44318 Answer key to text questions for Enjoying good health for $4.50.

It will be the student text, the teacher's edition, 2 (two) student test and study booklets (that way you can have one to sell with the set when you are done with it) and the teacher's key for the student test and study work book.....I'll sell the set for $26.00ppd. (the t/e is worth $20.00). The student test and study booklets are in brand new condition. The other books are in like new condition....and we will not write or highlight in them. It is the previous edition....but from what we've seen, the material is the same.

6th grade.

I also have the 6th grade history curriculum brand new. Will sell for $13.00. Bought in May 2006 and didn’t need.

8th grade

I have the 8th grade Joshua and Judges student study outline 30864 and teachers key 54364 $10.00
9th grade

Divided Kingdom A and B 22055, 30236, 55352, 32298, 55832 and 47228 $22.00.

9th-11th Spanish

Spanish 1 and 2 58475, 58483, Teacher Guide (includes lesson plans) 65862, Vocab Manual 19925, Test booklets (3 copies no writing, new) 19941, and test key 1995X. $75.00 ppd. We had no trouble using these together…as the material hasn’t changed. Can we speak Spanish now? Se’

I also have an English Grammer Guide for Spanish students that retails at $9.95 and I will sell it for $4.50.

Advanced Classes

I have the 3rd edition of Listening to Music by Craig Wright. The book includes the accompanying introductory CD and I have the 2 CD Set, New and in the package that accompany the book. I will accept a reasonable offer for this set. The book is like new, no writing, no highlighting…not used at all. The ISBN number is 0-534-51733-1. Thanks. The description on the back of the book reads: …explores Western music from medieval to modern, but includes chapters on popular and world music as well…more than 300 color illustrations

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Abeka 5th grade program

Postby King-Galaxius » Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:49 am

Please let me know if you are still selling the Abeka 5th grade program books. I'd like to purchase the entire fifth and sixth grade.

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