Dr Rand Paul Runs for Senate in Kentucky

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Dr Rand Paul Runs for Senate in Kentucky

Postby b4liberty » Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:31 pm

Hi all, I hope I am not violating the rules of this forum with my announcement. As someone who greatly benefited by my home school education I am very happy to announce to this forum a true defender of the right of home education has announced his run for the US Senate seat in Kentucky.

Dr. Rand Paul, son of congressmen Ron Paul, last night announced his candidacy on Neil Cavuto. Rand is a ophthalmologist from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Rand like his father has been a long time supporter of homeschoolers and mentioned home schoolers just yesterday in an interview with the local abc affiliate in Bowling Green. You can view it here:

Rand is not a career politician and does not want the job as a means to gain power, but as an avenue to help limit the power of the federal government. Rand like his father believes the federal government has no place in education.

The grassroots is holding a moneybomb on August 20th. If you like what Rand has to say please consider supporting him on August 20th by pledge at www.runrandrun.com .


Thanks Guys!
Rand Paul 2010 US Senate Kentucky Supports Home Schooling

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Postby Glottis » Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:26 am

always a treat to know people in politics support home schooling.. :D

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