Has anyone used DIVE(or some similars) with Saxon Math?

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Has anyone used DIVE(or some similars) with Saxon Math?

Postby Forum_User » Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:35 pm

I just finished Saxon Advanced Mathematics textbook and I am going to start Saxon Calculus.

I liked Saxon Advanced Math, I understood most of the stuff but there were a few things that weren't explained well enough for me to understand it(I had to use a bit of outside resources for those), so I'm looking for stuff to go along Saxon Calculus to help me with it.

I was wondering if anyone had used "DIVE"(or any similar video/program product that is supposed to be used with Saxon math) before?

Here's a description of DIVE from its website:
DIVE lectures utilize a digital whiteboard which looks and feels like being in a real classroom. Connecting new concepts to previous ones, Dr. Shormann patiently teaches students step-by-step how one concept builds on another while working several practice problems per lesson. Students work interactively by taking notes and working problems. They can easily pause, rewind or fast forward, learning at their own pace, thereby improving retention and understanding.

What's included:

DIVE Math CD-ROM containing:

-Video Lectures covering each Saxon Math Lesson

-Practice problems that are different than Saxon's, so student can complete DIVE practice problems and then complete Saxon's practice set if extra practice is needed.

- Weekly syllabus

Also here's a DIVE sample video. I can't find any sample videos for Calculus or Advanced Math, so I don't know how well he explains stuff in those books.

I was wondering if anyone or anyone's child had experience using DIVE before and how well the product was?

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Postby Jane » Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:39 pm

We use the DIVE Cd's for Adv, Math and Calc -Saxon.
I feel they explain things in an easy to grasp manner.
Good investment

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