Can you Homecollege?

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Can you Homecollege?

Postby wakeupcall » Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:21 am

Can you Home College without getting any credit from an institution? And still get into grad school if you so pleased?

I am getting sick of the racket that College has become. I feel like quiting. I want to continue doing what I was taught to do and I can not do it very well here in college. I get A+ on most everything but I feel like I am not learning what and how I want to learn.

Are the reasons to homeschool the same as to Homecollege?

Maybe I just am not a Homeschooler but a unschooler and thus I want to uncollege. I taught myself all through High-school.


1> I must learn what they want me to learn even if it is all lies.
2> I must take courses I do want to take with teachers I do not want to take from and I must take courses I do not want to take because I want the teachers I do want to take from (it is so confusing).
3> I am in an unnatural environment with foolish kids doing foolish things because they think they are still in school (maybe that is because they are).
4> I must eat food that causes all kinds of indigestion. (And gout?)
5> I must live in a noisy dorm with a bunch of kids who play video games until 3 in the morning.
6> I feel like I need to start a reformation after sitting through a theology class.
7> I have NO TIME to read other than the trash they make me read and half the class does not read it anyway.
8> It costs so much even with good scholarships.
9> I have to be politically correct.
10> I am left with no friends when the Seniors leave.

1> I have to study or else
2> I get some good lectures
3> I have to develop time management skills
4> I will be forced to do an internship
5> I have to write a lot.
6> I have to learn to be independent
7> I learn to be socially adapted
8> I learn to make new friends
9> I can get involved with some great student groups.
10> I may not be allowed to home school my kids if I did not get a college education.
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Postby wakeupcall » Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:34 am

I would not be giving up or quiting college I would be working towards an equivalence test* that would allow me to enter a masters course.

*Does such a test exist? Would they accept it?

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Postby Theodore » Mon Jan 14, 2008 2:24 am

I don't believe there is any accredited college equivalency test. However, you can test (AP, CLEP, DSST, etc.) or community college through your first couple years' worth of college credit, then transfer those credits to a distance learning college and finish your entire degree program in a year or two, for probably under $12,000. If you just want to get college out of the way as fast as possible, this is your best option.

EDIT: Due to health problems, my degree program took 5 years, but a lot of what I went through applies to your situation. I have an article in the upcoming issue of Practical Homeschooling, if you can get your hands on a copy.

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Can you Homecollege

Postby homescholar » Sat Feb 02, 2008 8:56 pm

Yes, you can homeschool college. My boys were able to use CLEP tests to get a full year's worth of college credit. We wrote an article about how we did it at this website:

Click on the article "Homeschool College this Summer"

I am aware of at least one homeschooler who got a law degree by homeschooling law school and passing the bar exam. She also had health problems that prevented her from enrolling formally in law school.

Good luck. CLEP exams saved our family a truckload of money!
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