interesting thing about some nonhomeschooling parents

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interesting thing about some nonhomeschooling parents

Postby mommyto2girls » Wed Jan 09, 2008 7:53 am

I was reading on another forum about the SuperNanny show from last week (we've not watched it yet - it is still on DVR waiting for us to have time!). Anyways it was about a family with 2 teenage girls and 3 small children. The teenagers called in because they were doing Public School at home on the internet (therefore many put them in the homeschool category). The show has caused all sorts of controversy. Apparently the two teenagers are left from early morning until sometimes 7pm to do school, housework, and care for the little ones.

Now the point (finally, LOL): this was posted on the homeschool section of the board and there were so many nonhomeschool parents commenting - backing up the homeschooling community that in fact this is not the norm for homeschoolers. Someone asked why they were posting on there (just from curiosity) and they all agreed that they respected homeschoolers, or just agreed with what they did and enjoyed listening to how they view things.

I was refreshed to know that some people do really respect us and appreciate what we are doing! I also wonder how many people actually long to be homeschooling, but can't for one reasonl or another? Somethimes I forget how lucky I am to be at home with my kids and that I will be able to homeschool without much financial strain (sure we will go without some magterial stuff, but we will still have a very quality life).

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Postby bruisin » Wed Jan 09, 2008 11:45 am

I saw this show, that you are talking about, and I felt so sorry for all those involved.

That one girl that passed out from fatigue, etc. just looked so sad.

I don't know if the show 'up'd what really happened to make it look bad, or if this was really and truly what was going on...either way its a sad situation.
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Postby JaneLovesJesus » Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:23 am

I saw the episode. The family did not "homeschool" in the least! It appeared the mom pulled them out of public school to be her free housekeepers and babysitters for her 3 year old (if I'm remembering) so Mom could run her own business. The teens got no 'homeschooling' -- just had to try to teach themselves while doing everything else.

Way sad! I couldn't help but think things were going to go back to the way the were as soon as SuperNanny left. Waah :(

(uh, yeah, I do like this show *blushing*)

It's lovely if people saw through the "We're homeschooling" excuse.

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