Virtual Fieldtrip/Adventure

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Virtual Fieldtrip/Adventure

Postby KirkH » Sun Dec 30, 2007 11:20 am

As a hobby/experiment here in Austin, TX, I contacted the manager of a local museum called the Neill-Cochran House Museum and toured the facility ( In addition to learning about the period furnishings staged in its various rooms, I found out that the house was used by the State of Texas for one year as a school for the blind and it was also used by General George Custer (11 years before Little Bighorn) as a hospital when that he was assigned to manage Texas Reconstruction after the Civil War.

The history of the house is part of the Austin Independent School District Texas history curriculum and is toured by students, after the academic component of the teaching has been completed.

I worked with the museum for about two years and developed a computer adventure game that blends about 1,000 pictures of the house along with a fictional story based on the history of the house. The game combines a virtual interactive tour of the house with an embedded story/adventure to discover a secret left by Libbie Custer (George’s Wife). A student or history buff that plays the game would find a diary written by Libbie (most of this fictional diary is based on actual writings of Libbie edited to be in the form of an old diary but with some creative writing to support the storyline). Reading the diary leads the game player on a “treasureâ€

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Virtual Field Trips

Postby scatteredpearl » Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:36 am

This is something I would be interested in. As for costs, I'm certain that it is well worth it, with all of the work and devotion you have put into it.

As a purchaser I'm not sure it's something I could afford with out a small trial or maybe a video showing how the game play procedes.

At first, I thought of it being like a hidden picture, but after looking at the screen shots it seems more like a hystorical mystery that is played like "Scratches".

You pick up an item, examine the item, hold the item, and maybe later use the item.

Is this how it would be played?

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Postby Theodore » Sun Feb 17, 2008 3:20 pm

To be honest, I wouldn't be terribly interested (as a user) in anything not relating to the Battle of Little Bighorn or the events leading up to it. Custer lost, so while you do want to identify why he lost, you don't necessarily care enough about Custer himself to read his entire life story. I'd be much more interested in learning about the life of George Washington or Robert E. Lee, men who were great tacticians and didn't make stupid, fatal mistakes. But then, I'm more of a war buff than a history buff per se.

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