Alabama probation

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Alabama probation

Postby flip242004 » Sun Nov 27, 2005 8:43 am

My 14 year old, diagnosed with ADHD, mental seizures and more test in the works for chemical imbalance dealing with extreme anger, is on supervised probation, charged with disorderly conduct in an Alabama public school. It is our desire to private church school at home in support of our religious beliefs and to avoid any further negative interaction in public school. It is obvious he doesn't have a chance in P/S, so our only hope is to home school. We have been denied the right to school at home per a telephone conversation with the probation officer. She claims, he can not H/S while he is on probation, which is for 12 months with 6 months remaining. But in our humble opinion, the court order reads, (He must attend school with good grades). It does not specify public or private, it says (school). My question is, Does the probation officer have the authority to deny us the right to school at home? We are presently withdrawn from public school, which we feel is within our right to do so, as the court order does not specify. We enrolled in private church school and presently un schooling for a brief period to allow tensions to settle here at home before trying to school. The P/O appears to have a negative tone towards us, the parents. She told my son, that he will be serving 28 days in boot camp following our probation court hearing on Dec 7th, 2005. She has never said why but he has a history of getting in trouble at school since the intial court probation. Although after years of trial and error with medications, he is just now beginning to show a positive reaction to new medication. Both medical and mental issues are still unresolved at this time, through Physician and counselor as new test are being scheduled. Should I seek further legal assistance to dispute or defend this issue? I feel he may be being punished for things he may not have complete control over. The camp is for discipline, so I have mixed emotions here due to the medical but do not stand against the P/O in her decision to do this because she might be right. Maybe he needs this camp to set him straight. I am just not sure on this one and rely on the expertise of the P/O. However, I do disagree with her interfering with our desire to try schooling at home, as we feel this is the best for the child and perhaps his only chance. We should not be denied this opportunity as it might help him. We feel we owe it to him to at least try as he is miserable in P/S and completely lost his desire to learn. I think we can turn this around with time and patience. Umm, patience, lots of patience, smile.
My question, is (1) does HSLDA represent cases like this, some of which is pre- existing but results in his being unable to home school?(2) Will I be charged with something during the probation hearing on Dec 7th for removing him from P/S against the P/O recommendation? (3) Should I join HSLDA or hire a private attorney or do nothing at all?

Thank you in advance for this site and Happy Holidays;

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How are things now?

Postby maryfrances » Sun Aug 06, 2006 10:48 pm

I noticed you posted this over six months ago. How did it turn out? I would have recommended HSLDA; you obviously had thought of them.

I am praying for you.


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