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Polish "Underground Railroad" Rescuing Kids Kidnapped by Nordics

Shocking development: a Polish PI is rescuing kids kidnapped by Nordic social services. Would this kind of "Underground Railroad" rescue be the only way that Domenic Johannson, taken from his parents because they homeschooled him, can ever rejoin his family? Developing.

Here's the story on WorldNetDaily:
Private eye rescues kids in night-time missions

And the original WND story right after social services yanked Domenic off the plane:
Police 'nab' 7-year-old homeschooler

And here's our past coverage of the Domenic Johansson case. The article was posted on May 8, 2010, so there no longer is a need to email the Swedish committee, since it has already met.
Help Swedish homeschoolers battle for their son!

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