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Help Swedish homeschoolers battle for their son!

You may have heard about the Swedish couple, Christer and Annie Johansson, whose 7-year-old son, Dominic, was literally yanked off a plane and taken into custody by the state a year ago.

The Johanssons were homeschooling their son (which is still legal in Sweden) for a short period prior to moving to India, Annie's native country.

They followed all the rules, notifying the local school of their plans, and requesting curriculum for their son.

Apparently, after initially agreeing to do so, the principal changed his mind once some local people objected. Eventually this escalated to a court battle, with the parents fined each day Dominic did not attend school. They felt they were on safe ground according to their rights under Swedish law, so stood firm.

That's where the situation rested, until the police "stormed the plane" one minute before take-off and grabbed Dominic away from his parents.

They have only been allowed to see him for brief periods once every five weeks since then.

It's not just the Johanssons, either. Some Swedish authorities have been cracking down on other homeschool families.

In a bit of good news, a top human-rights campaigner has been assigned to represent the family. This occurred just a few days after Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) started campaigning on behalf of the Johanssons.

If you'd like to help, first please pray for this family. Could anything be more heart-wrenching than to have your child literally ripped from your arms?

Second, please go to this page and find out how you can contact the Swedish committee that will be convening on May 12 to discuss "what to do" with Dominic Johansson. It includes email and phone numbers for committee members.

For further info, including photos of this lovely family, read the two articles below:

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