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U.S. News analysis of the growth potential of allied health careers

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Speaking of Your Homeschooled Student's Future Career: What About Allied Health Careers?

Here are a number of career paths with strong projected growth in the number of jobs available. Something to consider, as the US jobless rate and college tuition both continue to skyrocket. Most require strong people skills and strong academic skills, as well as a desire to help others, so keep that in mind.

Allied Health - Anatomy of a Growing Industry • The number of allied health careers increased even as the nation went through a recession.
Medical Scientist • Audiologist
Respiratory Therapist
Pharmacy Technician
Home Health Aide • Medical Assistant
Girl with dog, showing injuries and diagnostics
Workforce • Athletic Trainer
Dental Hygienist • Cardiovascular Technologist and Technician
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer • Physician Assistant
Physical Therapist • Veterinary Technologist and Technician
Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic
Professions • Employed • U.S. News - University Directory
Infographic by U.S. News University Directory, your source for the Best Allied Health Programs Online.

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