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  • You have a web site
  • You want people to visit it
  • Getting listed in search engines is okay, but you need to do more

    Why not add some traffic from the world's most popular homeschool site!


    Just use our handy online form, or send us a check or your credit card information and fill out the printable insertion form. We will add a link from our site to yours so interested homeschoolers can find you easily. You have two options:

    1. Your most inexpensive option is our Reciprocal Link. In exchange for you adding a link to us from your home page - perhaps under the heading "Other sites of interest" - you can save $100 or more off the cost of your link. Just copy and paste this into your page, then include the location when you submit your link:

      Homeschool World - Your source for homeschool groups, articles, events, forum, curriculum resources, and much more!

    2. If you want the traffic to be one-way, people coming from our site to yours but not leaving your site once they get there, you can pay a little extra and have this option. With a Non-Reciprocal Link, you don't have to do any extra HTML programming on your site. Just fill out the form and send us payment.

    Bring the world of homeschoolers to your door. Fill out the online insertion form today!

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