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Anatomy & Anatomy Test (2 guides) (#BCAX)

Price: $13.90
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Can you tell the metatarsals from the phalanges? What is your parietal lobe? Are you familiar with the sebaceous glands and the cochlear duct? First study the names for every labeled body part, then test yourself on the unlabeled version! Covers official "doctor and scientist" type terminology for the skeletal, lymphatic, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, digestive, urinary, circulatory, and reproductive systems, plus the muscles, the brain, the skin, the ear, the eye, the hand, and the foot. Don't try reading your next medical thriller without it! A real step up for kids who want to go into the medical or life sciences fields or just for anyone who wants to know what any of these body parts are actually called. Two guides, six pages each.

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