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How to Land a Top Tech Dream Job with Google, Facebook, Apple... and More!

How to Get a Job in Tech • What you Need to Know to Land a Job at Google, Apple, or Facebook
Tech Jobs: The Lay of the Land • Best Paying Positions: IT Management, Information Architecture, Project Manager, Security Analyst / Architect / Engineer, Software Engineer
Tech Hotspots: Silicon Valley, Washington D.C. / Baltimore, New York, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston
Top 4 In-Demand Developer Skills: Android, Cloud, iPhone, Javascript
The Job Scene at Google • Total Openings, Non-Software and Software Engineering • What Google is looking for:
The Job Scene at Facebook • Total Openings • What Facebook is looking for:
The Job Scene at Apple • Total Openings • What Apple is looking for:
How to Land a Job • Pick the Right Area of Study
Resume Do's and Don'ts: General, Experience, Education
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Created by Masters Degree