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Where did homeschooling come from & what are homeschoolers doing? Fun infographic explains.

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When Did Homeschooling Start, What Do Homeschoolers Do, & What Are the Results?

This infographic has oodles of cool facts. However, we disagree with a few of the points in the last frame. Schools do NOT have “more resources” and “richer curriculum.” Homeschoolers have access not only to co-ops, online classes, and college classes (the latter via dual enrollment).

The entire WORLD is a homeschooler's classroom.

This includes college science labs, museums of all kinds, hands-on exposure to small business and entrepreneurship, community theatre and other groups, clubs of all kinds, and the list just goes on. Not to mention the dizzying array of special classes and events available through many local homeschool support groups.

Check out these articles by Lisa and Rhonda Barfield:

and by Joyce McPherson:

for just a small sample of the many creative ways homeschoolers are providing their children more than schools can.

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