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The Great Gardasil Scam - Protect Your Children!

Gardasil. The HPV vaccine that Texas tried to make mandatory for young girls and that California now allows kids to receive WITHOUT parental consent. Since the main place kids are likely to be pressured into giving consent will be schools, this is one big reason to homeschool.

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When we posted about this on Facebook, some replied with the "but the vaccine will save lives!" argument. Now, here is the reply. As you will see when you read the linked article below, Gardasil will NOT save lives. It will imperil them. And make billions for its manufacturer, which is the only point.

Already one of our Facebook readers has posted that her teen daughter "decided" to have the Gardasil vaccination against her parents' wishes. As she poignantly added, "Is this a new way for our teens to rebel? Mine did and she may very well pay for it with her health."

Equally worrying is the huge attack on parental rights. Who would have imagined states allowing or (in the case of Texas) even attempting to REQUIRE children to be vaccinated - with this dangerous vaccine with horrific potential side effects - WITHOUT parental permission?

Please take the time to read this article. And share the link.

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