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College Prep

Can Homeschoolers Be Admitted to and Excel in College? You've been taught at home ... Can you get into college, and how will you do there?

How to Be Your Kids' Personal Guidance Counselor With the help of college expert Andrew Morkes, Mary Pride explores the intricate world of preparing a child for college.

Getting College Credit for Your Homeschool Susan Richman tells us how to prepare our children for the AP Exams and beyond.

Beware of This Dual-Credit TRAP Dual credit hours in high school might make financial aid challenging in college.


College or Not? 31 Things You Need to Know Is college really necessary for your child’s education?

To College or Not to College Jessica Hulcy helps us make the decision.

Not All Good Jobs Require a Bachelor's Degree Good careers you can enter without college.

There Are Many Paths to Success Alternatives to four-year colleges.

Book Reviews - Books About College The Burgers find out college ain't what it used to be.

The Regents College Solution Exams you can take for college credit. Credit-banking. Credit review. Even a 2- or 4-year fully accredited college degree at home. See what "America's First Virtual University" has to offer.

College At Home Save time, money & more!

College at Home is a Bargain Joyce Swann reveals how to save $40,000 on a college degree.

Going to College at Home Paula Mann shows how you can do it.

College at Home: Is It for You? Four ways to get that degree... at home.

College at Home Alexandra Swann started college at age 12, shares her study tips.

College From a Hospital Bed Ted tells about how he survived major health challenges and earned a college degree via distance learning.


Getting into college:

Abolish High School? It’s possible to get into college without high school.

Building a College Résumé With a few organizing techniques and documentation procedures, it becomes much less fraught making a college resume for your homeschool student.

The College Application You cannot fail in your college application if you follow these important steps.

College Admissions and Financial Aid for Homeschoolers HSLDA attorney explains the current regulations governing "underage" homeschoolers being admitted to college and being awarded financial aid.

Getting Into a Top College Practical tips to help your kids get into a top college.

Selling Colleges on You How to present yourself so you will stand out from the crowd of college applicants.

Your College Admissions Essay How to write a college application essay that will make you stand out and make a good impression.

College Interviews How to prepare for a college interview and how to impress your interviewer.

Getting Great College Recommendations Let others praise you... and get you into the college of your choice.

How to Make a High School Transcript There are many elements which go into a high school transcript.

Choosing a college:

Choosing the Best College for Your Homeschooler Choosing a college: What should you consider when you're looking through the viewbooks?

How to Pick a College Match your talents and personality with the perfect college

Picking the Best College Is it really worth going deep into debt to attend a “name” school? Is your life over if you start your higher education in community college or your state university? We chop through the hype.

Classical Colleges Fritz Hinrichs gives us a list of colleges for the classically-minded student.

Classical Colleges for Homeschoolers Andrew Kern takes you on a whirlwind tour of six classical colleges.

Heartland College: A Revolution in College Education The college we can start ourselves.

College Outside the United States You could have intense college education outside United States convention in the privacy of your own home!

Alternatives to campus-based college:

Correspondence Schools Joyce Swann tells us how college distance learning worked for her family.

What is "Accelerated Distance Learning"? A college degree in six months, for less than $5,000? It's no lie! We interview the homeschool graduate who put the "accelerated" in "accelerated distance learning."

Meeting College Admission Requirements Betty Berring and Vivian Young give us the information we need to get started!


Awareness and Assessment How to integrate career awareness into your curriculum.

Searching for the Right Career What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Not All Good Jobs Require a Bachelor's Degree Good careers you can enter without college.

There Are Many Paths to Success Alternatives to four-year colleges.

Seeking and Finding a Winning Career Preparing yourself for a winning career.

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