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Update on prayers for Little Bear Wheeler's baby grandson:

MANTLE MINISTRIES latest memo from "Little Bear" . . .

Today¼s Update for William Goforth

February 23, 2002


On Thursday, William surpassed his month birthday! He continues to grow, slowly but surely, in length and weight. According to Aunt Aimee, he is no longer the tiniest baby in the neonatal intensive care nursery. We are thankful to the Lord for even the slightest increase of growth. . . „for who hath despised the day of small things?¾ (Zechariah 4:10)


Today Noelle timed it just right and had the pleasure of changing his diaper for the third time. These „opportunities¾ have been few and far between. During Noelle¼s time with William today, his attending nurse encouraged her by reporting that the baby¼s stats (which include blood gas, heart rate, and blood pressure levels) were improving because he was responding to her gentle voice. Unfortunately, he cannot be held while he is on the oscillator for respiration. They look forward to him returning to the other more flexible respirator which will allow Josh and Noelle to hold William during visits once again.

He continues to have the reservoir tapped for cranial fluid. The amount has been decreasing slightly. However, his nurses suspect it is because the old blood clots are interfering with the drainage since the fluid is not clear. This leads us to our first critical prayer request.


Today we ask you to please join us in prayer for:

  1. the residual blood clots to dissolve completely, making the cranial fluid taps from the reservoir more effective.
  2. the cranial fluid to become clear and continue to decrease in amount.
  3. his intestinal system to function properly so he can eliminate his milk properly.
  4. William to be free from any possible infection.


We continue to draw comfort from a Scripture that Josh and Noelle prayed just before William¼s birth . . . „When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee. . .¾ (Isaiah 43:2)

Original email dated January 22, 2002:

Dear Friends:

Last night, God brought a precious 23-week, one pound, four ounce baby boy into the world. The baby is beautiful and fully formed, but ever-so-tiny. So tiny, in fact, that he can sit in the palm of an average man's hand. As you might guess, this little preemie is in need of prayer. He was born to Joshua and Noelle Goforth. (You might remember the couple who were the subject of an earlier e-mail entitled "Never Been Kissed: A Home School Love Story," or from our Vision Forum catalogs -- Josh is our designer, and Noelle was on the cover of the Girl's catalog a year ago.) We love this couple very much, and are crying out to God that He will preserve the life of their little miracle baby.

Will you, your friends, and family join me in praying for this baby each day for the next two critical weeks during which the child is considered by the medical profession to be highly "at risk?" How wonderful that we know and serve the sovereign God who alone controls the life of this child in His hand, and who loves to hear the petitions of His saints.

Thank You,

Doug Phillips
President, The Vision Forum, Inc.

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