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Ohio Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
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Linworth Road Academy (LRA)
5400 Linworth Road Columbus, OH 43235
Contact: Linworth Road Church
Phone: (614) 442-5722

Q: How long has LRA been in existence?
A: Linworth Road Academy has been serving homeschool families for over 20 years-- two generations of homeschoolers. It has changed and grown immensely through the years.

Q: Where is LRA located?
A: LRA is a ministry of Linworth Road Church. This is where most of our fun takes place! Linworth Road Church is located on Linworth Road south of Dublin-Granville Road, and just west of Olentangy River Road. The address is 5400 Linworth Road Columbus, OH 43235.

Q: Whom does LRA serve?
A: LRA serves its members who have chosen to home educate some or all of their children. Group classes serve children from approximately age 4 through upper middle school age children.

Q: How many families belong to LRA?
A: There have been as few as 35 and as many as 65 families in LRA. LRA does have capacity limits for the classroom, which limits the size of the group to some degree.

Q: What types of group classes are available?

Younger elementary students (Preschool and Kindergarten) are instructed by one teacher covering various subjects.

Elementary students (generally in 1st grade or ages 6-7) are also instructed by an individual teacher covering various subjects.

Elementary students (roughly age 7 - 10 or 2nd - 4th grades) are divided into groups. Each group rotates through four 45-minute classes: Art; Music; Phys. Ed.; and Hands-on-Math.

Middle School students (5th - 8th grades) rotate through three 60-minute classes: Two core classes plus an elective. The offerings may vary from year to year depending on the gifts and talents our teachers have to offer.

Q: How many students are in each class?
A: Group class sizes vary but all typically fall between 7 and 18 students.

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