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Louisiana Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
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Shreveport Area Secular Homeschooling
Shreveport-Bossier City Metro and Arklatex region, Louisiana
Contact: SASH Facilitator

Shreveport Area Secular Homeschooling (SASH) is a support group whose mission is to host safe, welcoming, inclusive space for local homeschoolers seeking fully secular social and educational support.

Can one be religious and still a "secular homeschooler?" Sure.

For the purposes of this group, "secular" is really all about:
a) having primarily nonreligious reasons for homeschooling,
b) one's comfort level with keeping our group engagement fully secular, and
c) one's comfort level welcoming and including members from nonreligious backgrounds or other backgrounds often unwelcome in religion-affiliated groups.

Membership agreements:
- Please be local - those living within 1.5hrs of Shreveport are more likely to travel in for events and to share local info most relevant to our members.

- Please be a current homeschool parent/guardian. If you are not and wish to advertise a resource, just message the group admin offlist and they'll help relay your advertisements - secular only, please.

- Please avoid assuming shared religion (or related politics, holidays, etc). Let's keep our forum, meetups, content, activities, and invitations secular.

--- Since much homeschool content is religious and secular homeschoolers often need to adapt to meet their needs, it is possible to share some religious-affiliated content if you feel it would be relevant and easily adaptable for secular use.

However, it is important to only post these with ***full disclosure*** of the religious affiliation, as well as emphasizing why/how you feel it is still secular-friendly. This helps our members choose the resources that are right for their families.

--- Please avoid sharing any resources that have religious *requirements* such as "statements of faith."

- Please no discrimination or excluding families from any activities or invitations due to religious belief.

- Please no politics - including HSLDA alerts (largely driven by their religious affiliation). Since political interests often relate to religious interests and can be divisive - let's just save those discussions for other forums and focus here specifically on homeschooling support and good times for our homeschoolers.

- Please respect privacy - don't cross-post personal writing or disclose others' information without their permission.

- Let's look for ways to support each other and co-create a friendly, kind, inclusive atmosphere for SASH families.

If our mission and member agreements sound good to you, hop on board! Hope you'll be comfie weaving right in helping us grow our group together by inviting and welcoming newcomers, posting your favorite resources, asking and answering questions, sharing opportunities to meet up at events, and offering activities for this group.

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