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Louisiana Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
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Mt. Everest Homeschool Co-op
Baton Rouge, LA

Our Philosophy:

We are a homeschool cooperative. All parents should be prepared to contribute by teaching a class, even if it is simply taking lead on helping with toddlers, pre-K or infants.

We are open to families of all religious affiliations, cultures, nationalities, and genders.

We feel that there are diverse ways to achieve success and it is very important to respect the viewpoint of others.

We think that all children are valuable and accept children no matter what their ability or needs are.

We think that as parents and educators, we should offer not only education, but values such as: kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and joy to our children.

That with the help of each other, we make a difference in the life of our children and also in this world.

Our Practical Side:
We offer two days of co-op, Thursdays and Fridays. Most families only attend one day, but some attend both. That is all based on what room we have available for each day. The co-op starts around 9 am and ends a little after noon.

Each week, the students take 3 hour-long classes, which are based on their age/maturity level and interest. We offer a selection of 6 to 10 classes each hour, and most of these are grouped by age, but a few are open to all ages.

The classes vary from the purely fun, like cake decorating and legos, to the academic, such as math skills and earth science, to the practical, like cooking and electronics. The class range is from pre-K to high school, with infants and toddlers having their own free play "classes

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