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Alabama Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
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Teen Scene
Teen Scenes are located throughout the state of Alabama
Contact: Deb Spradlin
Phone: (205) 433-9828

I don't know about you, but I have had to really stretch at times to find social opportunities for my now 17-year-old son. We have had an awesome time with Teen Scene and made MANY new friends. Some of the things we have done with Teen Scene include bowling, movies, bonfire, camping, Galleria, parties, picnics, laser tag, swimming, and just simple "hanging out" and bonding.

What is Teen Scene? It is a group specifically for our Alabama homeschooling teens, age 12 and up, to socialize. This group is not educational but SOCIAL.
Can younger siblings participate? The outings are for teens only unless the host family states otherwise. For the most part, younger siblings are welcome unless it is something that only teens can do. It is entirely up to the host family. I don't think the teens mind younger sibs being there as long as they don't have to keep up with them.

What is a host family? The way Teen Scene works is each family will host an event at least once during the year. This event is whatever the host family chooses. It may be a bonfire, movie night, camping, laser tag, game night, skate night, bowling, etc...

Do I have to pay everyone's way? No!!! That does not mean that the host family would bear the financial brunt... It means that the host family sets up an event and gives the details such as cost, date, time, and what to bring. Most events are potluck and pay your own way things. FREE events are really good!!!
Where do most events take place? That depends on the host family. Last year we went to Spring Valley Beach in Blount County, Friday Night Flicks in Homewood, ice skating in Hoover, the Galleria, the Play Station in Trussville, swimming in Jasper, a Native American sweat ceremony in Maytown, and many other activities in various places.

How much does it cost? Membership in Teen Scene is free. Of course, the outings have differing costs.

Do I have to host? Yes... That is the only requirement to being in Teen Scene. You must commit to hosting at least once during the year. You have 30 days from the time of sign up to give a date to host. That does not mean that you must host within 30 days - just give a date to host.

What if I don't have time to host right now? Set a date a few months out when you think things might settle down and pick something simple where people can just show up. You don't have to do anything major. These teens just want to hang out anyway.

How often does Teen Scene meet? That is entirely up to the host families. At least once a month is the goal.

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