Ball-Stick-Bird Method; Info & to buy 2nd hand

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Ball-Stick-Bird Method; Info & to buy 2nd hand

Postby ourtribe5 » Mon May 22, 2006 11:55 am

Hello! I have a 3rd grader who is having a horrible time reading. I have 5 children and have homeschooled 3 before her, who didn't have any reading problems. My 5th child has almost caught up to her in reading and he's in 1st grade. I heard about this Ball-stick-bird method and it sounds like something that may help, but would like to hear from other people that may have used it. It I get good feedback, I'd like to find a way to buy it second hand. Money is really tight! I appreciate any help! Thank you!

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Re: Ball-Stick-Bird Method; Info & to buy 2nd hand

Postby Theodore » Mon May 22, 2006 6:22 pm

The stories are fun, and the method works, though it's been a while since we used it last, and I'm afraid I don't remember enough about it to be more specific.

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