Untypical Homeschool with one child

Describe your average homeschool day and give new homeschoolers an idea of what to expect!

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Untypical Homeschool with one child

Postby arjaie » Sat Sep 19, 2009 6:42 pm

I keep weird hours so our typical day is like so...
9am Little girl get ups, gets herself dressed and makes herself breakfast
10am she reads for an hour and then writes a journal entry
11:30am I get up and start making lunch
1-3:30pm we do math, spelling, grammer, handwriting, social studies
3:30pm she goes to daycare at her best friend's house so I can clean and get some work done
6pm she comes home and does her chores
7pm dinner
8pm science project (as a family) or games or tv, whatever we feel like for the night
10pm little girl goes to bed
1030pm I go to work
3:30pm I come home
We use weekends to do major art projects and huge science projects. For exercise she goes for walks with the dogs or plays Wii Fit.

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