Rifle Marksmanship, History, Math, Physics, Civics Weekend

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Rifle Marksmanship, History, Math, Physics, Civics Weekend

Postby Francis Marion » Sat Jan 24, 2009 7:16 pm

Home schooling families,

I’d like to invite you all to spend a weekend learning the discipline of rifle marksmanship, and hearing stories about the American Revolution.
The Appleseed Project travels all over the US, holding weekend marksmanship and heritage clinics at community rifle ranges. All skill levels are welcome.
Participants learn how to safely shoot a rifle well.

Why the name of Appleseed?
Well, that is taken from John Chapman, a man you might know as Johnny Appleseed- like him, we are working to ensure that future generations benefit from our effort, as we nourish American heritage and responsible marksmanship.

At lunch, we’ll regale you with stories of the men, women and children who made history on April 19, 1775 as Massachusetts colonists fought to win the Liberty we enjoy today. We are free to worship as we please, read any book, write freely, assemble, and speak our minds in public- and own and use firearms- because brave men and women fought to win Liberty.

Now, everybody who attends an Appleseed event learns more than history and proper shooting form. You have to use practical math, geometry, and physics to implement what you learn about how objects behave in flight, and how to adjust sights onto target.

Students learn, in a safe, supervised, controlled environment, how to hold and shoot a rifle. This is a challenging physical activity, and students see the immediate result of applying a principle, and its result on the target paper. Great way to reinforce the principle that the result of your work is only as good as the quality of the effort you gave it.

Rifles and ammunition are only handled under controlled and safe conditions, with Appleseed staff observing and conducting the various drills with shooters throughout the day.

Some families might not own rifles at all, or perhaps not have enough for the whole family. In that case, just let Appleseed know how many extra rifles you will need, and we can usually bring enough extra rifles to loan your family.

Most people choose .22 rifles due to the inexpensive price of ammunition, and low recoil. This is a good choice, because Appleseed events are held at 25m firing distance.

If you would like to share a safe, fun, challenging, moving community experience with your family, please look up an event in your area at


For all of 2009, ladies shoot for free at our events, and minors, military personnel, and elected officials always shoot for free. Otherwise, shooters pay roughly $40 per day to cover cost of instruction. All shooters who spend the entire weekend receive a free Appleseed T-shirt.

If anybody has any questions on these events, preparations, what to bring, I’m happy to help you out.

Thank you,

-Francis Marion,
Basic Instructor,
Appleseed Project

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