Need Some HELP to catch up!!

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Crystal Butterfly
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Need Some HELP to catch up!!

Postby Crystal Butterfly » Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:52 am


I'm in a bit of a dilemma. (Understatement!)

I pulled my son out of school in 4th grade, and we tried to homeschool, but somehow it just never worked out for us! So, bottom line is...he's now a teen, and not very well educated at all! He's not even grade 5 level, I don't think! He and I both agree that he needs to get a move on and catch up, (not blaming him!), but the question is, how?

What would you guys suggest? It needs to be very inexpensive, as I am a single mom on disability, and no money has been a big part of the problem! Would a virtual classroom type thing be better for him? Or studying the separate curriculums one by one, until he is at his level? I heard somewhere that it really only takes about six weeks to study math from K-12, if you just take math and go with it. Maybe that can work for other subjects too?

What we started with was ACE, but at that time he was, like, 10. Now he's 16! The course material is too young for him now. So he needs to be studying with something that is more age appropriate, until he gets to at least grade 8 or 9. Then I feel that we can then continue with ACE, and I can actually enroll him at that time, if they will take him at this advanced age.
Any suggestions good people? We would like to get started right away, so that by the time September comes, he's already got a routine happening and he's on his way. Are there any shortcut teachings or could maybe video teaching help?
I'm quite stressed over this! Don't know where the time flew to, but we need to get our butts in gear here! Please no judging or flaming, I know I messed up here, just trying to get him caught up as quickly as possible!
Oh and we need a Canadian curriculum for some subjects as well.
Thank you all for any suggestions or ideas! Blessings! <3

So...69 views one? Okay, well. Thanks anyway.

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RE: Need Some HELP to catch up!!

Postby RPascal206 » Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:03 pm

Well, I can only give tips that I think might work.

Here is a link to Kahn Academy's free math videos. I think these would probably be age appropriate. Also, they are organized by either grade level or subject (which is nice). I personally have used some of these videos, and I think they're very good. Pleas note that Kahn Academy also has other subjects for free.

Also, below are links to two math books that I also think are pretty good. I never read them all, but I did use them as references. They're good because they cover math topics everyone should know. Personally, I think they cover what looks like 5th, 6th, 7th, and maybe some 8th grade math. ... e+easy+way ... 0812091396
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