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Postby tnmommy » Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:19 am

We were doing well with ABeka Math and completed 3rd grade. I did a (maybe) dumb thing and listened to others rather than stick with what was working for my son. We switched to Saxon and went to 5/4. He is about done with that and has done well according to their tests. Seems to have made the transition fine. Before I ordered 6/5, I asked him today about ABeka and he misses it. He is like me, a bit more visual and does well with repetition and handy charts. Seems ABeka had lots of repeat and had color and interest. With moving and illness, I've already kept him back a year - public school would have him going into 7th grade but he's entering 6th at home.

Should I keep going Saxon - I know moves in Math are rough. He does do well grasping each new lesson and misses no more than 3 on HW and tests, usually.

Does ABeka become more difficult to teach in later grades? (Maybe that's why others steered me away - can only remember them saying Saxon explains story problems better).

If you recommend returning to ABeka, should I return to 4th grade - Table of Contents looks to be where Saxon 5/4 is ending up. I don't want to rush or skip thus creating "holes" for him. He likes steady but sure progression, not jumping.


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